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  1. I just tried to publish a standalone on my pc and I have no starter menu game (the game starts without a menu)
    I will not bother you with that for the moment, I will resume my level design and come back later on the subject.
    Thank you for your help and good game.

  2. Hello
    there is a menu only by pressing esc. what i would like to do is a boot menu (a start game button to launch the game)
    I do not know where to put it in the code (menu)
    thank you

  3. Hello,
    I would like to make a simple menu to start my game. I looked on the forum but I still do not understand how to do it (I'm not at all coder lua). if anyone could help me or a tutorial would be welcome.
    Thank you for your cooperation and good game.
    (I am French)

    a small picture of my project


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  4. Hello, I'm looking for my project Lua code.

    A script with a gun or a hand that fires with physics balls (bouncing off the walls).

    Thank you to the one who could send me the code.

  5. hello, I have installed but still the same problem. When I click 2 times on the shortcuts Leadwerks he starts then stops immediately (only in beta). If I remove the beta version everything works perfectly. (weird). Thank you for the advice and happy holiday season.

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