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  1. After using the above tool i have determined I have OpenAl 2.1.
  2. Thank you for your responses. Aggor appriciate the timeliness of your response. Will there be backporting Opengl support like linux? so we with low spec machines can at least play with our toy get familiar with it? MexSource I have tried everything short of a new computer updated GFX driver (Intel HD is most likely the problem as it is my only gfx card) 8gb ram 64bit windows 7 updated direct x libs. My guess is that opengl 4 requires more horsepower and my card cannot be forced to have these features via a driver update it supposedly supports DX11. It plays hd movies and shows perfectly. HP DV4 Pavilion.
  3. Will the users who purchased your software on Steam be able to download Multi-OS versions of the software as of now windows and Ubuntu? I purchased your software today and cannot run it on my laptop and so I attempted to try it on my linux box and it was not available through Steam.
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