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  1. Hi Josh, I have been able to replicate the clone error again in another map. I'm not sure what the exact trigger is but it only occurs after a brush has been carved in the level. The carved brush does not need to be cloned, but it appears that any object, including models, getting cloned will cause the file size to grow disproportionately. It does not become apparent until the clone action has been performed multiple times. I have attached two levels (just change .txt back to .map, I wasn't allowed to upload .map files for some reason) the only difference between them is one extra cloned brush. test5_10.txt test5_11.txt
  2. Hi, The .map files appear to double in size whenever a brush is cloned using ctrl+drag in editor. I ended up with a simple .map file that is 55 megabytes! Thanks, El.
  3. Excellent, thank you shadmar
  4. Hi, I'm new to GLSL coding so I hope this isn't a silly question. I am trying to use a second UV map for a diffuse detail texture on models imported from blender. I made a modified version of the diffuse+normal+specular shader by adding the extra code: //Extra code added to vertex shader //Attributes in vec2 vertex_texcoords1; //Outputs out vec2 ex_texcoords1; void main() { ex_texcoords1 = vertex_texcoords1; } //Extra code added to fragment shader //Uniforms uniform sampler2D texture4; //detail map //Inputs in vec2 ex_texcoords1; void main(void) { outcolor += texture(texture4,ex_texcoords1); } This does not appear to work, this may be because the code is wrong or because the model does not get imported into leadwerks with more than one UV map. If someone could enlighten me I would be very grateful. Thanks, El
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