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  1. Thanks for all the information guys. I know that each engine has pros and cons. I started on Unity3D about 5 years ago but all the nuances with it made me stop. I also completely ditched Windows around that time. I then proceeded to try a bunch of open source engines (they had no timeframe of supporting OGL 3.2 core profile). I then opted to buy a license for C4 and the way the community acted made me stop using it. Then I went on an evaluation period of a year testing different commercial engines. Unigine was nice but way out of my price point. I also tossed around the idea of WebGL for a
  2. Ok so I'm going to ask, what is potentially, a stupid question. What does the future look like for Leadwerks? I've looked at some of the Steam reviews and people show some concern over the longevity of the engine. I know the company has been around since 2006. I also know that a small team can keep going (C4 engine is still going). I've spent quite a bit of money on engines and other tools with the high hopes. I want to make sure that my investment in Leadwerks will be wise. Linux (editor & build) support is the biggest reason for discovering the engine.
  3. migizi

    Non-buntu distros

    I know it's stated that Ubuntu is supported. I've been looking through the threads and it looks like the package for Linux is in distro neutral format. I'm interested in the engine but want to know if it comes in a .deb package or not. If it helps I run Gentoo.
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