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  1. Sharp creases and smooth shading in models

    Yes, this is correct. There is a modifier for this in Blender that does exactly this automatically, don't know about your software. Also you can probably make all edges smooth and bake normals from high poly mesh to get more realistically sharp edges.
  2. Simple popup messages

    Script.message Script.time = -1000 function Script:PostRender(context) if Time:GetCurrent() > self.time + 10 then return end context:DrawText(self.message, x,y) end function Script:SetMessage(text) self.message = text self.time = Time:GetCurrent() end
  3. Noob - Trying to use a UV Map

    You need to make sure you load the correct map in main.lua, when launched with editor it will open map opened in editor, in standalone it opens specified file.
  4. Noob - Trying to use a UV Map

    Something must be wrong with your fbx file, it look righ in Blender but not in Leadwerks. I exported obj file as fbx and it worked correctly. Also, it's better to use Leadwerks exproter:
  5. Workshop free keys possible?

    They won't get updates then.
  6. Character Controller Landing Sounds

    Better do this: if self.wasAirborne and not self.entity:GetAirborne() then self.landSound:Play() end self.wasAirborne = self.entity:GetAirborne()
  7. Randomdudes helping thread

    You start playing animation in the frame when key is hit. In the next update you start playing sit animation.
  8. Player needs to be crouched

    Basically, you need to use AddForce or SetVelocity instead of SetInput. With AddForce you will also need to add extra force to quickly change velocity in another direction.
  9. Player needs to be crouched

    You can't do that with character controller. You will need to create a controller from rigid body to be able to change size. Or remove top collider of the hole to let character fit and only move camera closer to the ground.
  10. Where to find documentation for sounds?

    I don't know, documentation doesn't explain that, you should try with stopped too. Or use
  11. Where to find documentation for sounds?
  12. Steam?

    Can you launch my game?
  13. Steam?

    Without + My game works when set to friends only, but maybe only for friends: steam://run/355500//+game%20843269353
  14. Steam?

    steam://run/355500//+game%20 + id of your game at the end of steam page