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  1. Genebris

    Using Multiple Entity Scripts in Turbo Game Engine

    This seems like the perfect system to me. You can use just one script like before, you can automatically "combine" many scripts and still use them without knowing how they are called and you can separate functions into different tables if you want that. Lua is so good.
  2. Genebris

    which one has better performance

    You are asking if you should run complicated code every frame or every minute? I think it doesn't mater. If your game runs at 100 FPS most of the time but drops to 30 every minute it's just as bad as constant 30 FPS. Unless you do your calculations on loading screens, of course.
  3. Genebris

    Metal / Roughness together or separate?

    I like packing roughness into alpha channel of albedo. Then I can have just a grayscale metal map. And sometimes you don't even need a metal map so you end up with just two textures: AlbedoRoughness and Normal.
  4. That looks really great. But I worry that CPU performance wasn't ever a bottleneck for me in Leadwerks, it was always GPU. So I'm not sure how helpful it is to move other tasks from CPU to GPU.
  5. Genebris

    Animation in Leadwerks 5

    So you can't update bone position after the animation? How can you make a character look at the player?
  6. Genebris

    I want to create smoke effect like this

    You need to simulate smoke in Blender or somewhere else and render it into a sprite sheet.
  7. Genebris

    flag animation from blender to leadwerks

    How many bones does it have? That's probably very expensive, animated models have a big performance impact in Leadwerks.
  8. Everything you mentioned will be very easy to make with Leadwerks especially if you use Lua. CPU performance won't be a problem, but GPU performance will. Billboard enemies will make it much easier.
  9. Genebris

    Selling a game ?

    This is for workshop assets not for games. And you can't sell games on Game Launcher.
  10. Genebris

    Sharp creases and smooth shading in models

    Yes, this is correct. There is a modifier for this in Blender that does exactly this automatically, don't know about your software. Also you can probably make all edges smooth and bake normals from high poly mesh to get more realistically sharp edges.
  11. Genebris

    Simple popup messages

    Script.message Script.time = -1000 function Script:PostRender(context) if Time:GetCurrent() > self.time + 10 then return end context:DrawText(self.message, x,y) end function Script:SetMessage(text) self.message = text self.time = Time:GetCurrent() end
  12. Genebris

    Noob - Trying to use a UV Map

    You need to make sure you load the correct map in main.lua, when launched with editor it will open map opened in editor, in standalone it opens specified file.
  13. Genebris

    Noob - Trying to use a UV Map

    Something must be wrong with your fbx file, it look righ in Blender but not in Leadwerks. I exported obj file as fbx and it worked correctly. Also, it's better to use Leadwerks exproter:
  14. Genebris

    Workshop free keys possible?

    They won't get updates then.
  15. Genebris

    Character Controller Landing Sounds

    Better do this: if self.wasAirborne and not self.entity:GetAirborne() then self.landSound:Play() end self.wasAirborne = self.entity:GetAirborne()