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  1. But API is completely different, how would C# help at all?
  2. Are you interested in other Kickstarter campaigns or just games in general?
  3. It seems great for GI but I'm not sure if this can replace environment probes and sslr. Maybe on rough and dirty materials it's not noticable but with this kind of reflective walls resolution is just too low
  4. I feel like this was already discussed but I forgot. Can you still move bones in script? How can you do procedural animation if bones aren't entities?
  5. Oh I would kill for that if it also had Lua scripts!
  6. But what's the advantage over LODs or even impostors? Is tessellation cheaper or more expensive?
  7. Genebris


    I love everything here a lot! Can't wait to ditch other stupid engines for this one!
  8. Steam doesn't check anything unless you want to as far as I know. Even if it did, I'm sure there would be a way to hack in after the check.
  9. Genebris

    Voxel Code

    Yeah, I'm not buying a new video card for this dark area 🙃
  10. Genebris

    Voxel Code

    Yeah, the vegetation system is actually amazing. Even comparing to the "other engine". The most popular one. Yours is so much better. Sad to see voxel lighting go. I had really high hopes for this. I guess raytracing will be super expensive and nobody is going to use it.
  11. You can have your model as a child object, raycast down to find ground point and move your model there. You can even try doing this for each feet individually.
  12. Root motion is better because it's more realistic, immersive and looks more polished. Those are my thoughts 🙃 I'm pretty sure you can still control the speed with root motion: you just change the animation speed.
  13. Yes, they are considered walkable areas for AI. But you can't edit them directly, you have to press "Build navmesh" button. See navmesh generation section: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Games_First-Person-Shooter_AI-Pathfinding-and-Events If you have these flying pieces, then you have colliders that set as nav obstacle under them.
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