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  1. A initial implementation of a day night cycle, with Ambient Light Color Control Directional Light Intensity Control Directional Light Color Control Sky and Fog Color control Bloom and HDR control Day Night Cycle
  2. The game gets some improvements on combat system like: - Hit Detection - Enemy AI beheavior - Enemy Player target lockon - Hit animation Combat System
  3. Me @martyj since the ubuntu 20.04 i started to use it after the Libc upgrade ! I posted here a step-by-step . \o
  4. You're welcome! \o, appreciate!
  5. Hey @EvilxFish maybe as workaround this problem you can use the IDE in pronton on Steam: 1. Enable Proton by SteamPlay on Settings: 2. Go to the SteamPlay tab 3. Enable Steam Play for all other titles in Advanced 4. Go in OK, and now in your game list go to Leadwerks in the right click select Properties 5. In General tab go to Force the use of a especific Steam Play compatibility tool And you now are good to go and open the Leadwerks in Proton, there's no Guaranty to works but in the most cases with some bugs works as you can see above Hope be helpful,
  6. I create here a workaround with docker like this: Install docker: https://www.docker.com/get-started, i will not explain too much about how to install docker but have alot of information on the internet, if some of get's stucked can contact me here, docker is nice container solution using LXC, where you can create `sudo` isolated enviroviments sharing the linux kernel but using base and diferent libraries, o this case the problem is the libc6, and downgrade is not possible, and compile using a diferent libc6 could be a pin a ***. $ sudo apt install docker-engine Install docker-compose: sudo apt install docker-compose 1. Create a directory inside your game folder here a will call: docker-build `mkdir docker-build` 2. Create inside the `docker-build` folder a file with name `Dockerfile` and paste this contents: FROM ubuntu:18.04 RUN apt update RUN apt install -y -qq build-essential \ libopenal-dev \ libgl1-mesa-dev \ libglu1-mesa-dev \ libx11-dev \ libxext-dev \ libxrender-dev \ libxft-dev \ libcurl4-openssl-dev RUN useradd leadwerks ADD ./docker-entrypoint.sh / RUN chmod +x /docker-entrypoint.sh RUN mkdir -p /home/leadwerks/.steam USER leadwerks WORKDIR /home/leadwerks/ ENTRYPOINT [ "/docker-entrypoint.sh" ] 3. Create inside the `docker-build` folder a file with name `docker-entrypoint` and paste this contents: This is just place holder to keep the container always up #!/bin/bash while true; do sleep 1 done 4. Create inside of your game folder root a file with name `docker-compose.yml` and paste this contents and modify the place holders on the text to your machine paths: version: '2' services: leadwerks-build: build: ./docker-build volumes: - ".:/home/leadwerks/<your-game-folder-inside-the-container>" - "/home/<your-linux-host-ueser>/.steam:/home/leadwerks/.steam" 5. Run inside your game root folder to build, create and run the container: $ sudo docker-compose up --build -d leadwerks-build with it done your will have the env ready to compile your project. 6. Acessing the container to build your game: $ sudo docker-compose exec leadwerks-build bash After this command you will be inside your container, if you do not understand containers just keep in your mind its like a "virtual machine" but alot more efficient and lite and faster... Anyway now you can just compile your project inside the container and it will build and the build results will inside your game folder. When your finish you can stop the container by just to free memory: $ sudo docker-compose stop leadwerks-build i hope was helpful
  7. I got the same problem, Thanks aiaf.
  8. Nice Feature Josh. This will going to open alot of possibilities to creater new editor features...
  9. Man, this map looks like the Destiny Vex planet.. and is nice... Could be a nice feel for the game... like the quake arena maps where one fail in a edge you fall to the infinity hahhah
  10. Nice, ammunition boxes \o/... But about the weapons, will follow a realistic way like a AK-47?
  11. Creating my first SpaceShip game...

    1. CreativeOcclusion


      Can't wait to play it...

    2. gamecreator


      What type? Top down, cockpit battle or something else?

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