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  1. Altering the scale to 1.0 seems to have worked.
  2. The scale is (0.014,0.014,0.017). Perhaps changing it to 1.0 will solve the problem.
  3. if then return end if hoverplayer ~= 1 then self.distance = 0.8 self.pickradius = 0.2 local originalcamerapos = self.entity:GetPosition(true) local targetpos = local newcamerapos = targetpos.y = targetpos.y+camheight self.entity:SetPosition(targetpos) self.entity:Move(0.4,0,-self.distance) local targetpickmode = newcamerapos = self.entity:GetPosition() local pickinfo = PickInfo() if (,targetpos.y,targetpos.z),self.entity:GetPosition(),pickinfo,self.pickradius,true)) then if pickinfo.entity:GetCollisionType() ~= 4 and pickinfo.entity:GetCollisionType() ~= 0 then newcamerapos = pickinfo.position newcamerapos.x = Math:Curve(originalcamerapos.x,newcamerapos.x,100/Time:GetSpeed()) newcamerapos.y = Math:Curve(originalcamerapos.y,newcamerapos.y,100/Time:GetSpeed()) newcamerapos.z = Math:Curve(originalcamerapos.z,newcamerapos.z,100/Time:GetSpeed()) self.entity:SetPosition(newcamerapos) else end end end
  4. The collision type is prop and getting the distance will not do as the problem is with the camera passing through the door rather than interaction. The raycast works fine here as the info box and interaction are working: and here the camera passes through the door when it doesn't for the models included with leadwerks:
  5. Almost all of the door models are not detected when performing a raycast unless they are the sliding doors included with Leadwerks. This occurs despite the same script operating on each door and every material having pick mode enabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. There are now two trees / rocks placed at each position with one having collisions enabled which will disappear and the other without collisions which will always be visible.
  7. I think it is but I've found a workaround anyway so it's no longer a problem for me.
  8. When a tree has collisions enabled and the map containing terrain is not the first to be loaded the entire vegetation layer becomes invisible.
  9. The software I used to capture the motion data ( is very similar to facerig.
  10. The new design is ok but nothing will ever top this timeless look.
  11. It was done manually unfortunately. You can see an example of the animation here andhere .I wasn't really confident enough in my ability to write a shader for it so I had to just use the surface class in the api and rely entirely on the cpu.
  12. In an effort to further boost production values and the general quality of the cinematics in Enshrouded World I implemented facial animation for the characters and as the title suggests rather inelegantly. Below is one way of going about implementing facial animation but it's most likely not the best. - Sift through thousands of frames of mocap facial animation and export the model every five frames. - Load and release the vertex data of each of the hundreds of models needed for one cutscene to reduce RAM usage. - Set the positions of the vertices in the base face to the positions of the vertices in the next model (This requires interpolation and continues to the next model every 83 milliseconds). As you would expect the first step there was very tedious and despite my efforts there are still issues with the framerate whenever the facial animation is being rendered.
  13. The flickering and graininess comes from a shader I used to convey a current of electricity passing through the geodesic domes so there's a strong feeling of artificiality in the environment and repulsion. It's much less noticeable in the actual game as the fog conceals most of it.
  14. Visit the Steam Greenlight page here: Enshrouded World is a vehicular combat game that features non-linear progression and survival elements not seen in the genre until now. The game has been released here: With the world suffering greatly from centuries of human destruction, an overpopulation crisis and the depletion of resources a mass migration to cryogenic storage facilities occurred where a supplementary virtual reality took the place of the appalling conditions on Earth. Players assume the role of Jill, a botanist and member of an elite team tasked with managing the oxygen production for the millions of people in stasis. With artificially established urban centers complete the team prepares for the procedures in place to begin and those in stasis to disembark into a new world. A unique approach to player progression: As players traverse a large series of geodesic domes they are offered diverging paths to their destination. Survival elements complementing the action and exploration: Items of management such as oxygen and the integrity of your vehicle brings about harmony to the way in which the player interacts with and explores the world. A substantial armory: The hovercraft driven throughout Enshrouded World features four main weapon types and two unique alternative firing options that decimate and paralyze the enemy. An array of enemies in the air and on land: Enshrouded World features four enemy classes each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses and method for hunting down the player. Technical Advantage: Enshrouded World takes full advantage of the features offered by the Leadwerks Engine with support for volumetric and high dynamic range lighting, advanced physics simulations for collisions, friction and buoyancy as well as shaders for complex and engaging visual effects such as caustics. Dynamic Soundtrack and Professional Sound Design: The music of Enshrouded World reflects the dynamic environments of the game and the sound effects are provided from professional sound designers and foley artists to provide the most satisfying atmosphere and experience possible. A message from the developer: Enshrouded World is the result of one teenager placing thousands of hours of dedication in the hope that players can have an enriching game experience from all aspects. Throughout the voice acting, motion capture and script writing to the programming, character design and level development I ensured my best efforts had been put forward.
  15. I'll be uploading a quite lengthy (~ 2hr ) demo soon.