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  1. If you'd like to take part in beta testing for Enshrouded World on Steam send me a pm and you'll receive a free key.

  2. Cannot compile binary

    I'm using Ubuntu 17.04 and CodeBlocks 16.01.
  3. Cannot compile binary

    When I attempt to compile the binary in CodeBlocks I receive the following output: /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
  4. Bank resize error

    Hi, When attempting to launch my game some people have reported a crash with a bank resize error. There are other forum posts about this error but they seem to be occurring in the Leadwerks editor not when running a game.
  5. Memory Issue

    Ok. Is there anything other than the sounds / sound sources that aren't released by world:clear()?
  6. Memory Issue

    Do the variables holding the sound using Sound:Load need to be released or is it just the sound sources?
  7. Memory Issue

    The memory usage in my game appears to increase as the player progresses through more maps which leads me to believe that not everything is being released. This eventually results in a "not enough memory" error or vegetation / textures not loading. Are the sound sources released when world:clear() is called?
  8. AppDataPath()

    Hi, I'm setting up steam cloud saves and need to know if the method AppDataPath() which returns %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/ on Windows will return ~/ on Linux making the settings below correct.
  9. Overwrite Asset

    At the moment my game uses the following file structure: I created these .pak files myself with each representing a folder in the project files so 001.pak is the "Addons" folder, 002.pak is the "Fonts" folder etc. so that if I release an update of a script rather than publishing the game through Leadwerks (which would take 2 hours), uploading the entire game and making the user download the entire 7.5gb game again they only need to download 505kb. These files are protected with a password I have chosen so in order to allow Leadwerks to access the files within them you must have the following C++ code in main.cpp: Leadwerks::Directory* dir = Leadwerks::FileSystem::LoadDir("."); if (dir) { for (int i=0; i<dir->files.size(); i++) { std::string file = dir->files[i]; std::string ext = Leadwerks::String::Lower(Leadwerks::FileSystem::ExtractExt(file)); if (ext=="zip" || ext=="pak") { Leadwerks::Package::Load(file,"your password here"); } } delete dir; }
  10. Unable to change music during gameplay

    Rather than just switching the music right away you could decrement the volume value then pause the first sound and play the second sound then increment the volume value.
  11. On-screen text messages

    You can change the font and size by calling the correct methods. For example: myfont = Font:Load("Fonts/arial.ttf",14) context:SetFont(myfont)
  12. You're right I may need to just remove the splashscreen for the linux version as it isn't that important. My distro is Ubuntu 17.04 which I'm pretty sure is the most up to date. All the maps in the entire game use the same shaders which are also stock.
  13. Hi, Upon launching my game I receive an Assert Failed Error before the splashscreen is able to be displayed which uses Window.Center. This issue only occurs when running the Linux version of the game. The other crash is more mysterious as it occurs on both platforms but only for certain people. It occurs at one particular map but this map contains no unique scripts and there is no error logged rather just a "not responding" message.
  14. Raycast Issue

    Altering the scale to 1.0 seems to have worked.
  15. Raycast Issue

    The scale is (0.014,0.014,0.017). Perhaps changing it to 1.0 will solve the problem.