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  1. I've run the install script and ran the updater, but when I try to launch Leadwerks from the terminal, I get the following error message: ./Leadwerks: error while loading shared libraries: libsteam_api.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Eventhough the libsteam_api.so file is in the current directory. How do I launch Leadwerks?
  2. Sure enough my graphics hardware does not support OpenGL 4. Ok, I'll do all the development on my gaming machine. Thanks for your help. You've saved me a TON of time.
  3. Got it, thanks. But now I get an error message that reads: "Failed to initialize graphics. Your graphics hardware may not be supported." lshw show that I have: GF108GLM [Quadro 1000M] NVIDIA Corporation It just desn't have enough horse power? I need to develope on my gaming rig and not my laptop?
  4. Ok, I got Leadwerks installed, but now I have a really stupid question. How do I launch it? I type "leadwerks" in the dash (ubuntu 14.04) but nothing happens. Also, in my leadwerks folder are .exe and .dll files. Is this normal? I thought this was a native port.
  5. I tried putting one of the links into a browser, entered my username and password for my ubuntu sso account, no luck. I get an error message that reads: 'A username and password are being requested hy https://private-ppa.launchpad.net. The site says: "Token Required"'
  6. I purchased the indie version from the ubuntu software center (version 14.04), but while the software center is installing leadwerks, it fails with this error message: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Failed to download repository information Check your Internet connection W:Failed to fetch https://private-ppa.launchpad.net/commercial-ppa-uploaders/leadwerks-indie/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages HttpError404 , W:Failed to fetch https://private-ppa.launchpad.net/commercial-ppa-uploaders/leadwerks-indie/ubuntu/dists
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