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  1. Hi Alien, I'm also somewhat lost.. going back, nice to hear about you.
  2. Yes, so excited to see it almost finished. Guess next month will be installed and working... And perhaps I'll see some money
  3. Not yet, but, if the project continues, it should be a next step or something to take into consideration. A 360 degrees detection system should be possible, but, more complex and expensive
  4. He he, me too! This video is of a couple of years when we build the demonstration prototype. test4.mp4
  5. It's more hardware than software, leadwerks part is to have something to shoot :). Guns have infrared lasers, a camera system detects where the gun is in the screen, then with some maths to translate corrds to leadwerks, a camera pick, and that's it. Simply put. Electronics simulate the gun behavior, and as you will see, I'm not an expert RECORTAR_20190410_105041.mp4 RECORTAR_20190410_104628.mp4
  6. drives were mounted but as ro, did a mount -o remount rw / then nano .xsessionrc delete the "shutdown..." line and voila... all is working again thank you very much
  7. well, now I have another problem, my bad i placed a shutdown line after gedit, to test if the systems shotsdown after gedit, and found that the system start and shutdown (no gedit) is there a way of intercept startup and open a terminal so I can delete the .xsession file? thanks
  8. well, if i place a .xsessionrc file with: then ubuntu starts, exec gedit and gedit open the pj01.sh file located in the above directory but if, instead of gedit i place ./pj01.sh then LE app do not start
  9. Thanks, I'll try it as soon as I get home.
  10. the thing now is how or from where I execute this script, because if i launch it from .config/autostart it start the leadwerks app, but do not shutdown the system my idea was that turning on the PC the app autostart and when quitting it, the system shutdown Is there other way to autostart an app?
  11. Ah, ok! yes, now, it shutdown if i run it from a terminal not if I use the .desktop shortcut this is the pj01.sh now
  12. thanks, but nope if i open a terminal and execute the pj01.sh script, the leadwerks app starts ok, and after it, simply the terminal again last line of leadwerks throws : AL lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed then, the propmt. (and, no other command on the script seems to be executed)
  13. i placed a "ls" instead a shotdown, but nothing is executed after the leadwerks app
  14. thanks for answer i have this file in .config/autostart also works with: and the pj01.sh is: i write the line after exec, but after pj01 ends, system do not shoot down if I open a terminal, shutdown -h now, works ok i try other combinations but, due to my lack of knowledge on the subject... i somewhat lost and with the !bin/bash Juan
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