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  1. Check your parameters because you are not using them except entity and i dont know if it collides with sometihg so maybe rename that. Check if target is set and if the function is called.
  2. Hey, just wanted to say that game looks really cool. Did you post more about it in showcase ?
  3. Place a pivot in the exact rotation and location of your second camera and then write a small script that puts your current camera wherever the cutscene pos is. You need to think of having only one camera at all times. Store information about text/images/post process in script and disable/enable whenever you need it.
  4. I'd settle for vertex snap in the editor. Here's to crazy wishes.

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    2. Josh


      Yes, and now we can debug Lua from VSCode so we will be able to debug editor scripts outside the editor, which will be a lot better for developing extensions.

    3. Slastraf


      In unity you can write your own tools really easily. I wish a similar system would be available in leadwerks. 

    4. Josh


      You will be able to in the new editor. Lua will function similarly to MaxScript in 3ds Max.

  5. LE5 should have not only procedually generated terrain but also procedually generated textures for the terrain. And you could choose which noise algorithm should be used / make your own.

    1. Josh


      How about a plugin function that allows this?

  6. I propose that for the really early alpha there is only going to be one class. Though, I taugth of a fun idea. There could be a stamina index that gets higher the more you sprint which will make your weapons more unprecise. So if you don't move much you can make cleaner shots but if you sprint almost all the time you can always get really close to your enemy for the price of lower accuracy.
  7. Random quote that I read in a book : >> easy comes, easy goes << . Made in Blender 2.8 Eevee
  8. I just re-read my old blogs. hahahahaha

  9. I think it is an assault weapon, if there were hands it would be clearer. Here are some sounds I just made. railgun_inside.wav railgun_outside.wav
  10. early version of the railgun at 2000 faces. railgun.blend
  11. A brainstorm program and a bit of photoshop later ... I will try to model this and see where it goes.
  12. Here a prototype (not yet with physics) added some ideas and its the shape like above db952b80b096b34b0d06d00997746dc2_dot3.tex db952b80b096b34b0d06d00997746dc2_dot3.bmp material_brick.mat material_brick.mat.meta db952b80b096b34b0d06d00997746dc2.tex level.mdl level.fbx test.map
  13. This map would be cool for close up combats, with a shotgun that shoots green goo or something
  14. Slastraf

    Forth demo 1

    Happy to be a part of this. As you said, lack of proper communication contributed pretty badly for the state of the project. Text communication is probably the worst of all forms. Voice would be good but the best would be in-person, though its impossible . Hereby I propose that we could meet on a voice channel maybe discord some time soon. Lets make more discussion about game design and make a better plan about everything (e.g. code documentation, asset list, map design etc.).
  15. A gate fully modeled, textured by me. Took about 2 hours
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