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  1. my vs keeps thinking : "yep, im screwing with that guys day" (I am getting these errors pretty often and need to find random libraries and edit the path)
  2. After not reading this thread, I highly am +1 for someone making a tutorial
  3. I have german visual studio, but translated there is another message: Warning MSB8038 Spectre sharpening is enabled, but no defused Spectre libraries were found. Make sure that the Visual Studio workload contains the mitigated Spectre libraries. For more information, see https://aka.ms/Ofhn4c. test2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\VCTargets\VCTargets\Microsoft.CppBuild.targets 402
  4. Can you help me with the thread ? I try to use Leadwerks with c++

  5. I tried opening a fresh Leadwerks project in c++, but when I tried to build it, I got the following error: LNK1104 File "libcpmtd.lib" cannot be opened. it has to do with the Linker ? There were some ancient threads but they didn't help me. In the tutorials where it says Build > Run Without Debugging, I couldn't find it, the closest thing I found was Debug > Start without debugging so there is probably a mistake in the tutorial. No matter what I change, even If I remove everything in the main.cpp , when I start it from the editor everything happens as before, so I figured thats not the way it works. Still I haven't been able to fix this.
  6. you can make animated textures in leadwerks, use the shader from the firepit addon or if you have your own one. But you would need a n*n spritesheet
  7. or go into 3d and make fractals with modulo.. altoguh u would use cpp for that
  8. maybe the character controller and other object have different mass to them.. Try using physicsSetPosition in a loop . Or divide force by mass or something. For the shader thing, please explain better what u need, it probably dont need to be scripted. Check out firepit addon in workshop for animated sprite texture
  9. About the Menus. I found a minor bug that when you press new game , it will not load in the spell icons. I don't know how it is handled in the back end but if you try it out yourself you will see it . Also maybe make an option to hide the spell icons in levels where it is not needed. About the combat . I have made some basic combat already, I dont know if you tried it out because it doesnt work on the current branch. But it worked pretty stable and I will do my best to repair it so that it will be future proof and not easily changed. So please work on something else right now before adding the fps prefab. Accreditation of resources ::PLEASE:: Always directly add what you put in the project in the .txt file ".COPYRIGHT ATTRIBUTION NOTICE" in the main directory. It will not lie there like that in the end but to keep track of everything and maybe add a menu later.
  10. the icons dont fit our game, but for now its good
  11. If you are at it you could readd a new indicator that shows which spell is selected, It was in some time ago but now is missing. Maybe make it a bit fancier this time , not just for debug
  12. I downloaded the project earlier and there is an error if I try to start it , and I am confused Please fix the error when clicking on new game
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