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  1. Well I already find it a little comedic that my comment criticizing LE game engine got removed so I cannot partake in this discussion. Honestly its kind of sad.
  2. it is about the principle, if you deny realism then anyone can say what they want. Even to lift themselves from the ground while closing their eyes. (yes a 1984 reference)
  3. yes we do know and for my part I am just too tired to discuss but read this : https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-flat-Earth-theory it is written not by a "government" but by an individual.
  4. Slastraf


  5. counter example would be if you have a foggy horror game, you would want them to fade in. Or have them render "behind" the smoke already if your method was applied (but have worse performance). Would be cool to have a small setting for that then.
  6. I also am on holidays right now, and no work pc. I wanted to make a new levels layout in the game design document sonn.
  7. I am editing this one right now: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RvcqzC7dH-OZmnvbjUikUikd-Xl3phgliauHPPeAc5I/edit (yep its an other one) I can already edit the new one ? Can someone confirm ?
  8. I treid to format it and its not good but it is outdated anyway
  9. I already have the editing rights. It is very badly formatted up to the point where nothing is readable, after about half of the doc. Anyway I added my pepper to the story and also made a new name. I think its a really good story and can be told in game form to any extent (short game or not).
  10. Ah, there is a capital letter in the other link. If you go to search in the api reference then drawLine comes up but that link doesnt work
  11. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Context_Drawline
  12. I have a prefab, and when I drag it in the scene everything works fine. But when I remove the script, and when I remove the whole prefab, leadwerks crashes. It happens every time so it is easily reconstructable. It happens only with the prefab down below. It has a script and a model but maybe its only the profab file. PFB_enemy_camera_bot.pfb
  13. I think you could make alot games look much better with good lightning, and also some more tools that do not directly have modeling / texturing in common. Just a thought
  14. Why will a model with 0 mass fall down in the new engine. How to disable gravity without adding upward force ?

    1. Josh


      Maybe remove the collision shape?

    2. Slastraf


      not really. I needed to use SetGravityMode for same functionality as SetMass(0) in new physics engne

    3. Josh


      I’ll take a look.

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