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  1. Leadwerks crashes loading the following model

    it happens when you overwrite a file and its in any way still in the editor
  2. Going back (retro)

    Hello Leadwerks Forum its me again. The guy who releases too early Theres going to be a new game inspired by the Polybius pasta in the player soon. I just wanted to explain the core mechanics of the game and why it is more important than my free time. For some time, I have developed games on other Engines but the tournament got me back to my haven again ,where I am the most confident with my skills. This is why I can try new or more absurd game Ideas like an "intense psychoactive and addictive" effect provoking retro game. But with less focus on the "psycho" and more on the caffeine effect . Of course I run into problems because leadwerks is not made for this wireframe look or twodimensional games, so I dropped it already ... Just kidding, (no really I did but troughout the day more fixes came to my mind) - like using transparent images for rendering them instead of trying to make a skybox background which itself is also wire... you get the idea. THE GAME !: The game is split into multiple minigames.All have the feeling of an arcade or retro game from the 80's , but who am I to know how they really were like . For example, if you "loose" at one of these, it automatically switches to the next endless minigame which gets harder and harder with more movement and colors. One of these games, which will hopefully playable at the end of the tournament is almost done to its core. Its an wormhole simulator in which the player travels with a spaceship and needs to gather blue cristals which differ from other objects that you are not allowed to hit: (outdated)
  3. When I put the .fbx in the /Models directory , it makes the editor glitching out by opening the view for this folder. It also crashes when it loads in the scene (Axcess violation). The model has no faces, just edges because I only use it for wireframe view. The topology therefore is a nightmare but for my game it should be good. It may be crashing because the fbx is odd but it shouldn't happen after all. Maybe its also the wiring up in the code (used in prefabs and loaded in game runtime) and after remodeling it without updating the fbx. sponge.mdl sponge.fbx
  4. found a workaround, if you place a tree far away for it to become a billboard it has the same effect so you need to apply it //EDIT it wasn't the billboard but the polycount of it :/
  5. Hello Basically I want to draw have an image in the scene behind everything, but I need to have wireframe enabled. So I cant just place a face with a texture and put it behind. The skybox is also rendered in wireframe mode. So I need to have an Image Drawn before everything renders but this is impossible because I believe every pixel has a color value to it which renders over the drawn image. I also saw a thread (I think in c++) before about a similar problem from about 2014, and it said that there could be a feature for this implemented soon. So is there a feature for this ? Or a workaround ? In this photoshopped picture you can see that Leadwerks is visible but behind everything.
  6. Question about Leadwerks v5 and Steam

    would lead to much less users so it is probably upgradeable
  7. New ideas for the Monthly Script Challenge

    Easy Dev pack, includes textures, small maps and shaders for prototyping a game. red green and blue tile textures map to test out ai, character controller physics and scripts Simulation levels, with real physics and real scales (normal) for making realistic maps , also with good starter lightning tester character model which looks like the one from unreal engine , with animations more ??
  8. Is there a wireframe shader for ingame available ?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DoomSlayer
    3. macklebee


      how what? 

    4. Slastraf


      how to edit the color, basically it is just taking over the one you have got from the material


  9. Steam Greenlight to be replaced

    thing that will happen in my sight is no significant change in quality of games less titles released Valve getting $$$ with doing even less high chance of failure and hatred from not only Indie's but steam community as whole Investors making hundreds of games instantly on steam, just to get ~1-2 buyers per game and then be banned ?
  10. 24 / 48 hour

    Leadwerks game challenge ?

    An other Idea for challenges

    1. gamecreator


      Could be fun though I would prefer at least a week.
      I would use this to generate 5 or so ideas and have people pick one:

    2. AggrorJorn


      I really doubt that this will get the desired attention. For everyone on werkspace to be able to do something in that specific timeperiod of 48 hours is difficult. I really think the time period of 1 month is needed.

  11. this post in particular is important

    1. Slastraf


      ok underlined text doesnt work yet. Not so important post after all

  12. New ideas for the Monthly Script Challenge

    dynamic music manager ( different envo's diferent music) interacteable traps for enemies climbable turrets ( hl2 style : , best video I could find but I think we all know about it) Flying objects ( Drone perhaps, or plane)
  13. working on some high qual steampunk environments ::

    might upload them on the workshop if they are good