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  1. very nice. Have you figured out my scripts ?
  2. that moment when you rehear the game songs you made years ago. Cringe but some of them had sty.le

    1. gamecreator


      I've had this too.  I made some very amateur stuff back in the day but some of them were decent and had potential.

  3. Slastraf

    Map from blender ?

    Faces are made of verticles which are connected by edges , which are filled by the face. You can only see it from one side, thus the name. if you want to make a corridor which you can see from both sides you need to keep this in mind from start. The problem is that the mesh algorithm for create physics mesh thinks this is a solid normal model. if you go with the camera inside the model (in LE) you can see trough it. The face is "facing" outside := the normals are pointing outwards. If you want to have a proper collision mesh you need to somehow make faces that are on the inside and have normals looking inside. In blender, you can use the "Solidify" modifier to make this happen. It will make the mesh both inside and outside, with faces for each side.
  4. u need to uv unwrap the cube , go in edit mode select all faces and press u or search for "unwrap" then makle a new material and select texture to material
  5. use 2.7 then open blend file with 2.8
  6. Slastraf


    The art style is taking shape
  7. Can I get a reply by everyone who will be able to do anything Project related sometime soon ? Aiaf and me made much progress in the last week. I would be happy if some of you got time soon. We are also rewriting the game design document, and have some solid plans. (Some of them like fps hands + animation and some atttacks already there). Also otherwise Design related improvements that make the game easier for us to make and more playable and fun.
  8. It was fixed. Please ignore / remove this thread
  9. Maybe make a new fps project and try out the default crawler and so on there ? Because I didn't experience so bad behaviour yet.
  10. Call needs to be a global function. So far you have Call in the Script as a local function. To make it global paste it in main.lua , maybe somewhere at the top : function Call(entity,extra) --not use function Script:... because it is a global function System:Print("See "..tostring(entity:GetKeyValue("name"))) end
  11. function Script:CastRay(other) local sprite = Sprite:Create() sprite:SetViewMode(6) local p0 = self.entity:GetPosition(true) local p1 = other:GetPosition(true) self.allignvector = p0 - p1 sprite:SetPosition((p0+p1)/2) sprite:AlignToVector(self.allignvector:Normalize(),2) -- Find distance between the two points. local total_distance = p0:DistanceToPoint(p1) -- Modify the size of the beam based on the 2 points. -- Argument #1 is beamwidth, default .25 sprite:SetSize(.25, total_distance) end Here the script again , inside a function where other (in the parameter) is an entity. Also used LE Math functions to make it run much faster.
  12. I found this which could possibly help, but did not test it yet: Update: I added a post there, with my edition of the script.
  13. Update : Player does not have turbo mode, but can charge electricity spheres by holding a button, and realeasing it sooner will do less damage. For anyone not using discord, prototype already implemented.
  14. What would be the best way to make a raycast between two points visible ? It is needed for a mechanic inside the game (no debug DrawLine) local selfpos = self.entity:GetPosition(true) sprite:SetPosition(selfpos+(other:GetPosition(true)-selfpos)*Vec3(0.5, 0.5, 0.5)) So far I came up with this. In this case other is an entity at the second point. It will place an object in the middle of the two Points. The question is how I rotate the model (plane) that it looks toward the Camera without many lines of code, and be reasonable efficient ? And then how do I scale it so that it will have its edges at each point ?
  15. I have not exactly tested this, but if you put this in a n update function it will crash, so after it gets called often times when the value should be very low, probably 0 but it should not at exactly 0. Perhaps with a number that has too many bits from too many decimal places
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