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  1. Slastraf

    Gameplay brainstorming

    Ah , I am cool with that. I did some low poly hard surface stuff before : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiRhl-sRkMo . We could make it more steampunk- ish. For the Missle scripts, we could import a script for each missle , that just makes it follow an entity.
  2. Slastraf

    Gameplay brainstorming

    Wait so we don't want a ward but a rocket launcher for the wizard ? I dont understand.
  3. Slastraf

    Release 0.1 preparation

    The new Tps controller will have fps , camera collision and a much less complicated camera movement. I already did the script yesterday but I have problems with git. We could make it like in Skyrim , and let the user switch tps / fps. Will be more work tough, for the hand animations.
  4. Slastraf

    Release 0.1 preparation

    I think it would be better to push 0.1 further, and not at all go public with what we have right now. Maybe one month. Look what we did in ~2 weeks. What would another 4 weeks make our game look like ? I am currently working on the Third person control refurbished and it is already better because I had a really weird approach in the last one.
  5. Slastraf

    Release 0.1 preparation

    guess I'm going to rewrite the player controller
  6. Slastraf

    Release 0.1 preparation

    The camera clips trough walls because it is not yet programmed. I tried to make the cam look and walk as smooth as possible for now. Also you guys are more or less building maps for an fps game, dungeons are really possible. For example if you look at some dark souls footage, there are always open spaces. When I looked at one video from us, the character ( in first person mode) jumped along a wall, and then trough a small hole ,on the opposite site of the street, while in the air or something. This is not possible to realize in a third person camera , if you don't specify it enough. (Stuff like in Assassins Creed is possible but there is probably a whole team writing hundred thousand lines of code from a design paper for just that char controller that is pages over pages long.)
  7. Please make sure that you keep scripts on your machine ,as long as they produce a bug.
  8. Slastraf


    If you want to change the map , read this:
  9. Slastraf

    Solved: '=' expected near 'function'

    Uppercase "End" instead of "end" ?
  10. Slastraf

    Release 0.1disscusion

    I kinda want a female crisp-fast moving character because a male wizard is featured in millions of games and it is more boring to look at. Or something that makes the wizard very different from other mages.
  11. Slastraf

    Map exploration how to

    first and last interwire Imo. And also the second one
  12. Slastraf

    Theme/Mechanics Inspiration

    This game is going to be something if we all give 100% (uhh of our free time of course)
  13. Slastraf

    Theme/Mechanics Inspiration

    I also had this direction in mind. Totally agree with the floating islands. Late game perhaps , shortly before the end boss level who destroyed the whole world
  14. Slastraf

    Main character

    I'd want to finish an enemy flying in a circle in the sky which is targetable and killable by the player's ward.
  15. Slastraf

    Main character

    I can model and animate a low poly wizard model in Blender, did low poly stuff before and it should be no problem. Again, I stress that we should make everything from scratch and not use other people's stuff. Only in the worst case