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  1. thing that will happen in my sight is no significant change in quality of games less titles released Valve getting $$$ with doing even less high chance of failure and hatred from not only Indie's but steam community as whole Investors making hundreds of games instantly on steam, just to get ~1-2 buyers per game and then be banned ?
  2. 24 / 48 hour

    Leadwerks game challenge ?

    An other Idea for challenges

    1. gamecreator


      Could be fun though I would prefer at least a week.
      I would use this to generate 5 or so ideas and have people pick one:

    2. AggrorJorn


      I really doubt that this will get the desired attention. For everyone on werkspace to be able to do something in that specific timeperiod of 48 hours is difficult. I really think the time period of 1 month is needed.

  3. this post in particular is important

    1. Slastraf


      ok underlined text doesnt work yet. Not so important post after all

  4. dynamic music manager ( different envo's diferent music) interacteable traps for enemies climbable turrets ( hl2 style : , best video I could find but I think we all know about it) Flying objects ( Drone perhaps, or plane)
  5. Its the same script as here, it performs AABB but at the first line I added if == nil then because the method would be called too often resulting in a crash, if multiple enemies are nearby
  6. I have a few turrets and some enemies just with health and the walk in a circle. As one can see from the gif , when one turret is in the scene it is turning smoothly. But when multiple ones are spawned, they only update once in a while. The line uses Point() and looks like this : if then self.entity:Point(,2,Time:GetSpeed()*0.1) end How can i fix / optimize this ? The gif is (only) 6 mb but it takes long to load, sorry for this.
  7. Hello, I have a muzzle pivot and the Projectile script attached to it. self.muzzle.script.enabled = true When I call this while clicking the Mouse, the game crashes without warning. I dont know how to use the Projectile script, is it intentionally a prefab ?
  8. When I fill a table with grid prefabs, I have two for loops in each other and this: table.insert(grid,gridPfb) System:Print(#grid) (#grid is the length of the table) It prints 100 times, each time its bigger,, because its being filled. But when I want to acces it from an other script , yes its a global table, like this: System:Print("STARTGRID : "..tostring(grid[1])) I get this in Output: STARTGRID : nil What could it be and how to fix it ? The length in runtime is also zero.
  9. I have got this Astar script, that I want to use again. But I dont know how I managed to do it, the import itself works with import"Scripts/Astar.lua" but I get an error at the line 7 of the Astar script, : module ( "astar", package.seeall ) I dont know what I did to do to make this work, can anyone help ?
  10. Also, rendering a pixel only if it is the range of the glass, if anyone knows
  11. How would one go about making something like the attached ?
  12. got my hoodie just today, definetly will make a game
  13. Hit me up in 3 years