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  1. FindChild implies you would need to know there is a parent. But if you dont know the parent you would need to call it from the root, then it collapses on itself and it becomes a Find() function. Now if you had a find function there needs to be a unique identifier for each widget which the user could set and dont need to worry about all of this.
  2. A findchild method could also be useful for many situations, but in this scenario you would know which exact widget you need to remove. Is there a way to hide a widget by widget text ?
  3. It would be better to access the tree by array or pointer .
  4. Hello, It is rather hard to remove an item from a TreeView if its not on the lowest subnode. auto it = std::find(itemFolder->begin(), itemFolder->end(), itemClass); if (it != itemFolder->end()) itemFolder->erase(it); subnode->ClearNodes(); // rebuild nodes for each (itemClass k in *itemFolder) { subnode->AddNode(k.info); } This for example works okay if you rebuild the tree in the following but you won't be able to remove if it is in a top treenode.
  5. Hello, i don thave much time to make this but here is a bug report about making a new window in U.A.K. Therefore I am posting the whole script I got, and will tell you where the important lines are. #include "pch.h" #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace UltraEngine; string compileAndWrite(fstream& file, string& contentsOfWebsite); string compileAndExport(string& contents); bool RescaleUI(const Event& event, shared_ptr<Object> extra) { auto ui = dynamic_pointer_cast<Interface>(extra); ui->SetScale(float(event.data) / 1
  6. Ultra App Kit is amazing. I will show some results really soon

  7. Is it possible to have Leadwerks applications run in the browser ? Like a webapp ?

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    2. Mr_SquarePeg


      Just thought I would chime in on this. WebAssebly + WebGPU is going to be amazing performance wise. There are some applications that are aimed at making VR and AR applications that are written in C++ but export to the web via webassembly. 

    3. Optimus Josh
    4. aiaf


      no comment :) didnt knew the story

  8. Dark Forum is really good

  9. Anyone want to do a game collab ? I would love to practise my project management skills and revisit this engine.

    1. Slastraf


      A focus would be on making game templates to an extent. For free

    2. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      I'm interested. What games were you thinking of?

    3. aiaf


      I can help also , but i have limited time available.

  10. Check your parameters because you are not using them except entity and i dont know if it collides with sometihg so maybe rename that. Check if target is set and if the function is called.
  11. Hey, just wanted to say that game looks really cool. Did you post more about it in showcase ?
  12. Place a pivot in the exact rotation and location of your second camera and then write a small script that puts your current camera wherever the cutscene pos is. You need to think of having only one camera at all times. Store information about text/images/post process in script and disable/enable whenever you need it.
  13. I'd settle for vertex snap in the editor. Here's to crazy wishes.

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    2. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      Yes, and now we can debug Lua from VSCode so we will be able to debug editor scripts outside the editor, which will be a lot better for developing extensions.

    3. Slastraf


      In unity you can write your own tools really easily. I wish a similar system would be available in leadwerks. 

    4. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      You will be able to in the new editor. Lua will function similarly to MaxScript in 3ds Max.

  14. LE5 should have not only procedually generated terrain but also procedually generated textures for the terrain. And you could choose which noise algorithm should be used / make your own.

    1. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      How about a plugin function that allows this?

  15. I propose that for the really early alpha there is only going to be one class. Though, I taugth of a fun idea. There could be a stamina index that gets higher the more you sprint which will make your weapons more unprecise. So if you don't move much you can make cleaner shots but if you sprint almost all the time you can always get really close to your enemy for the price of lower accuracy.
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