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  1. I'm insanely busy it would seem for the next two weeks, working on redoing a big website and database. When I get this completed I would love to get started on this. The site is using a new type of database that I have to setup from scratch, so it will take some time to get it completed.
  2. I'm looking forward to bugging the heck out of this man! I'm in China right now, so we will need to set up some type of schedule, that fits your time and not mine... Robert
  3. Well I did purchase it through steam... And as just in the first purchase of the Indie version, it still requires steam to run... But I guess I will just use it in offline mode... and it should function. Thanks for this fine software Robert
  4. Wow, I just noticed the price tag on that link. 74 bucks but does require the indie version, which I already have to run. Does this mean it will still be steam dependent to run? Robert
  5. Nope, nothing is showing up there... As far as this link goes: http://store.steampowered.com/app/287760/ I'm kind of hesitant from purchasing anything via steam right now,as everything is freezing up for me there. I will just purchase the stand alone version from this site's store, and chalk the indie version up as a loss. Robert
  6. Hello everybody, I'm wanting to upgrade to the stand alone version from the indie version. When I go to the store (works now) I can see where to purchase the stand alone version for 200 bucks. There is also a link right below that which will allow you to purchase an upgrade to the stand alone version. When I click that link however, it tells me I do not have a purchase to upgrade. I purchased the indie version from a link provided by this site's store, it was down at the time. This allowed me to purchase it from steam. How do I get credit for the purchase made from steam t
  7. You are correct, my bad. I did click the offline on steam, but that was not enough. it was after you click offline, then at the bottom of the steam page there is "off line mode". after I click on that, then It will work as you described. Once again, thanks for you help!
  8. Well, That did not work either. After choosing offline mode Leadworks refused to run, states it could not connect to steam. I then went to online mode and started Leadwerks, then tried to switch back to offline mode. It won't switch to offline mode while Leadwerks is running. What is the chance of getting the stand alone version or maybe getting the steam requirement removed from this software? Do you think he would be opposed to using something like cheat engine on it to bypass steam at start up?
  9. Shadmar, Thankyou, I did not know that. That may solve the whole problem, I will try that later when I get home tonight.
  10. I did not realize that the version I purchased through steam was actually tied to steam (needs steam to start up and run). If I had known this, I would not have purchased it. I'm not using this program to makes games, I want to try to use it to create and animate some 3D machinery for presentation purposes. It's not feasible for me to use this version of the program, I'm not connected to the net on my laptop most of the time. This means I will have to be connected to the net anytime I need to use the program. I used Blitz3D for a while, but it's getting kind of cheesy looking now,
  11. Can this work the other way around? I know there is a cost difference, could I just pay the other $100.00 and switch to the non steam version?
  12. Hello everybody, I just purchased Leadworks 3.1 from steam, Now I have a question. To me it seems this program will not work without steam, I need something that will work on it's own. Is there a version of this that will work without steam? Thanks
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