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  1. Hey everyone, I have been away from leadwerks for some time. I have comeback and have seen that Leadwerks version 5 has been announced. TBH - I am excited. Currently I make short stories in Unreal 4 using its sequencer toolset. Got a handful of questions - 1. Is there any planned or Current support for Microsoft's Mixed reality headsets? 2. Are there any plans to support Google's AR Core, Apple's AR Kit, and Microsofts Hololens? 3. Will there be a stronger focus on tools in Leadwerks 5? 4. Will there be support for Standalone Mobile VR headsets? Such as the Oculus Go and Google DayDream 5. Will there be support for the Xbox one at some point? Thank you for your time, HeadClot
  2. Hey @Phodex Games - When will the framework be available?
  3. This is awesome! Glad to see you reaching out to enterprise customers. @Roland - I looked at the store on the leadwerks webpage and saw there is a Leadwerks 5 beta subscription. Not sure if that is supposed to be there though.
  4. Apparently Oculus and Facebook are looking at making a 200 dollar Fully Standalone VR headset for 2018.
  5. I need to pick up Affinity Photo and Affinity designer to replace my aging copy of Photoshop CS5.
  6. Hey I am thinking about purchasing the Current version of LeadWerks for a Personal project. I am just curious if LeadWerks is code heavy because I really want to get a head start with out a coder. I know eventually that i will need code or at least know some some one to code. I am mainly a 3d artist that enjoys carving out BSP in the Unreal editor. This is one of the key features on why I am Choosing Leadwerks. 3d World Studio looks like a Amazing BSP editor. So here are my questions. 1. Is LeadWerks code heavy? I know some basic .lua and c sharp i am in no way a professional coder in any way shape or form... 2. What 3d modeling applications are supported? I currently use blender. Thank you for your time
  7. Like the title says are leadwerks licenses transferable from one person to another?
  8. ok, that is good to hear. I still have a few questions about leadwerks... So far I think it is the BEST engine under 1000 bucks. And I am Highly Thinking of licensing it for my team. 1.What is your policy/pricing on Bulk ordering the Engine? (I want to purchase 3 licenses of this engine for Commercial use) 2.Can the 3d World Studio be used with UDK (Unreal Development Kit)? 3.learning Curve - How long did it take for users to learn how to use leadwerks Engine? 4.What other networking solutions are there besides raknet?
  9. Ok, I have a few questions Regarding the Leadwerks engine. The Big ones i need answered are about Royalties, Licensing, and The Engine Itself. 1. Royalties will we have to pay Leadwerks any royalties if i license and Publish a game on this Engine? 2. If i do have to pay Leadwerks Royalties how much? If it is a Percent made on my teams games what is the percentage? 3. Licensing the engine costs 200.00, but if a Major upgrade for the engine comes out will I have to pay to upgrade? 4. If so how much does this usually cost? 5. Can the Leadwerks engine Support Multi-Genre games Such as RTS\FPS? 6. Can the Leadwerks Engine Support MMO styled Games? 7. Does the Leadwerks Engine have Built in Support for Level Streaming for large levels and such? 8. I noticed that there is a world editor is that a add on to the Leadwerks Editor? or is that the editor just standalone? 9. What is the Network Structure (Sever/Client or Peer to peer) for leadwerks Engine? Can it be easily altered? I am really looking forward to your replies about leadwerks. Thanks Headclot
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