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  1. PROBleM RESOLVED PLEASE DISREGARD/DELETE!! So, my brother recently decided to upgrade my PSU on account of it acting a bit wonky, random shut downs, BSODs, the works. He had gotten A radeon HD 7870 a while back ( to replace his Nvidia GTX 550ti), but it was too big for his tower at the time, so he figured this was a good time to get everything together. With a dremel and some sweat he had gotten both my new Corsair 750w power supply in, along with my Radeon HD 7870. Everything booted just fine except that the Radeon HD 7870 didn't power on, no fans, nothing. He figured it might've
  2. I was thinking of doing the Cinematic not for a game, but simply for doing it, I just want to make a little video. Just as well, BES, best of luck to you, Mixing more than 2 genres can be dangerous, but if you execute correctly it'll be a hit.
  3. So, I've taken a break from studying game development, in the interests of my work, but I was wondering, how well would the Leadwerks engine handle a tech demo? I don't mean any actual gameplay, just a video from 3-6 minutes long, showcasing the lighting and such of leadwerks. Think of in-engine cinematics, The one I recall most fondly is samaritan tech demo for the unreal engine 3, from... 2010? I think? Also, how possible is this? Is the leadwerks engine built solely for gameplay or can I create cinematics? For me I think it would be a good idea, help me get a grasp on as
  4. You're a life saver! These tutorials are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!
  5. Well, I guess I didn't search the command reference to thoroughly, I apologize if I seemed angry or anything, I am very happy to be working with leadwerks and this was a major boost to my mood! Also, thanks to everyone, you all seem great, glad I get a good community to work with!
  6. So, I recently purchased leadwerks indie and stardard edition, very happy, the UI isn't what I would call "new user intuitive" But none-the-less, I still think its fine. But, I have noticed that this site, and the forums, and anything relating to leadwerks, is completely devoid of C++ tutorials, with the exception of the one on the leadwerks site. And, an introduction is all good, but there is nothing on it, I a mean, I can't even find a C++ tutorial on camera controlling. Where are all the tutorials, or did I waste the extra $75 (it was on sale) thinking that C++ was the better altern
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