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  1. It all looks very real apart from the bench. I think detailed grass could be done with a shader just like you can do fur with a fur shader.
  2. Hi Robin, I just zipped up the project folder, if it doesn't work then I'm ? Here's a modification to the jump so you you can only jump when one the ground... function Script:Start() camera=Camera:Create() camera:SetParent(self.entity) camera:SetPosition(0,1.5,0) camera:SetRotation(0,0,0) self.camerarotation=Vec3(0) self.rot=0.0 self.move=0.0 self.strafe=0.0 self.jump=0.0 self.crouch=false self.mouseposition=Vec2(0,0) self.movement=Vec3(0,0,0) self.movespeed=5 self.lookhspeed=0.5 self.lookvspeed=0.75 self.movesmoothing=8 self.looksmoothing=5 self.moveforce=Vec3() self.mouseposition=Vec2() self.mousespeed=Vec2() self.mouseinvert=-1 end --[[ function Script:UpdateMatrix() end ]]-- --[[ function Script:UpdateWorld() end ]]-- function Script:UpdatePhysics() local window = Window:GetCurrent() local cx=window:GetClientWidth()/2 local cy=window:GetClientHeight()/2 local camerarotation = camera:GetRotation() local mousepos=window:GetMousePosition() window:SetMousePosition(cx,cy) self.mousespeed.x = Math:Curve(mousepos.x-cx,self.mousespeed.x,self.looksmoothing)*Time:GetSpeed() self.mousespeed.y = Math:Curve(mousepos.y-cy,self.mousespeed.y,self.looksmoothing)*Time:GetSpeed() camerarotation.x = camerarotation.x+(self.mouseinvert*self.mousespeed.y)*self.lookvspeed if camerarotation.x>80 then camerarotation.x=80 end if camerarotation.x<-80 then camerarotation.x=-80 end camera:SetRotation(camerarotation) self.rot=self.rot+self.mousespeed.x*self.lookhspeed if (window:KeyDown(Key.W)) then self.move=self.movespeed*Time:GetSpeed() end if (window:KeyDown(Key.S)) then self.move=-(self.movespeed/2)*Time:GetSpeed() end if (window:KeyDown(Key.D)) then self.strafe=-self.movespeed*Time:GetSpeed() end if (window:KeyDown(Key.A)) then self.strafe=self.movespeed*Time:GetSpeed() end if (window:KeyHit(Key.Space)) then if not self.entity:GetAirborne() then self.jump=10.0 end end self.entity:SetInput(self.rot,self.move,self.strafe,self.jump) self.move=self.move*0.9 self.strafe=self.strafe*0.9 self.jump=0.0 end --[[ function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed) end ]]-- --[[ function Script:Draw() end ]]-- --[[ function Script:DrawEach(camera) end ]]-- --[[ function Script:Release() end ]]-- --[[ function Script:Cleanup() end ]]--
  3. Ok peeps, here is some sample code for an FPS camera...think of it at as a work in progress since there are a couple of things not quite right but it should give people some idea of where to start. Things that work movement back and forwards,mouselook including limiting up/down angle, collision and jumping. Things that aren't great 1) Strafe does not work as expected...does not rotate with the controller...I think someone else has this issue. 2) Crouch would not work so I took it out. 3) Camera moves around wildly for the first second until it stabilises...probably an easy fix but I've got to go out! =) At least the code below should give us a foundation with which to get an fps controller up and running with input from everyone for bug fixes.
  4. Cameras could also benefit from this too.
  5. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/window/windowmousehit-r457
  6. Having played with the editor for a few hours I think Josh has steered LE on the right path, we have lost some things but gained a much more integrated development environment. Congratulations to Josh and the team.

    1. YouGroove


      Yep, faster game creation :)

      And better , fun experience in world creation

    2. Naughty Alien

      Naughty Alien

      ..so, now, there is no exuse, not to have tons of blockbuster games.. :)

  7. The camera does not appear to inherit the near/far settings in the editor. Adding a script to the camera function Script:Start() self.entity:SetRange(0.01,1000.0) end produces the expected result of clipping/not clipping close geometry, but altering the near/far in the editor does not. http://www.leadwerks...amera-clipping/
  8. Confirmed, a way around it is to attach a script to the camera and then function Script:Start() self.entity:SetRange(0.01,1000.0) end
  9. I prefer the 3DWS way in that it just goes ahead and creates the primitive as soon as you let go of the left mouse button. Every click or keypress saved adds to the fluidity of creation. I must say that I am loving the much tighter integration of LE3 over LE2.
  10. There does not appear to be a texture lock option, only angle lock.
  11. It's a bit like Knock Knock Ginger but with slightly more fatal consequences...I'm starting an archer thief now =)
  12. Just upgraded to a new PC after my last one decided to blow the mainboard >.< Now enjoying Skyrim on an i7. Amazingly I took the hard drives out of the old PC, put them in the new PC, and it booted then changed all of its drivers to suit the new setup. Saved hours of reinstalling everything.
  13. My horse is dead, on the plus side I gained much experience. What do you do , go buy another horse or reload an earlier game...I was sort of attached to my horse...it didn't have stripes but all the same...
  14. I'm with you Puki. It does feel epic, very open-ended and maybe too much so, I think in future games there won't be a main quest just a world to explore. Most of the time I completely forget about the main quest and just go exploring. New found respect for trolls...I certainly got beat up there, the game isn't linear, one minute you are coping well and the next overwhelmed. NPC's are more realistic and believable, people are doing stuff, not just standing around waiting for you to talk to them.
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