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  1. Got it Thank you! I love how this makes what platform you use somewhat irelevant PS: I believe this thread can be closed now.
  2. Thanks for the reply Mail is sent.
  3. Ok. Thanks for the info I'll sit tight then.
  4. Are there no one who has an answer to the actual toppic? If I buy Leadwerks Game Engine from the Ubuntu Software Center. Am I, or am I not eligible to the use the product on Windows or OSX? Am I chained down to one single platform, on a product that has been developed for three, simply by that fact that i bought it through the wrong medium?
  5. Nope. Just a payment-ID with the receipt.
  6. Yeah. Bought it on Ubuntu Software Center. So it's connected to my Ubuntu account. But I would like to have it here on Leadwerks own site too. So I can actually access the windows version. And even more awesome if I also could connect it to my steam account. Then software adminstration would be a breeze
  7. Hi. I just bought 'Leadwerks Game Engine: Standard Edition' on Ubuntu. However: My Ubuntu machine only has a opengl 3.3 GPU, and as I read to late, Leadwerks needs opengl 4. So I tried to find a serial or something on my recipt, so I could install it on my more powerful Windows PC(Yes, I know I can dualboot, but still..), but to no avail. Is that order ONLY for the Ubuntu version of the software? I would just LOVE to be able to use it on all my platforms, and I would find it quite sad if the purchase is only for one platform. One last thing. Is there any possibility to connect that lisence to my account here? Kind regards -Frode
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