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  1. Is this the expected behavior? I got the C++ DLC on Steam and created a new project using C++. I added the awesome water prefab to the map using and the game crashed when I tried to run it. It crashed because App is nil in Script:Start().
  2. I'm able to import models in FBX from Mixamo, but only for one animation sequence. For example, I created a model using their free Steam version, then used their free locomotion pack which adds quite a few basic animation sequences, like walking, running, turning, etc. They provide the download either as all animations in one FBX file (all in a single sequence), or it can be downloaded as the model/skin + first animation FBX and additional animations are in separate FBX files. I imported all of the FBX files into Leadwerks and then tried to load the additional animations into the skinned model but nothing happens I clicked File, Load Animation. I also ran into another problem related to this. Mixamo's models are huge. So I resized the height (Tools, then Resize) and in doing so I lost the animation. It appears that just saving the model causes the animation to be lost. Here's a link to the zip containing the FBX's files. It's the zip directly from Mixamo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/byvcff248i0y7q7/Locomotion_Pack.zip
  3. I increased the graphic quality from the default in the editor settings which helped, at least in the editor and with a different texture. Although it still gets a bit blurred super up close.
  4. That has the normalmap. That's at a scale of 2.0, if I change it to 1.0 the black dots go away but it still looks bad.
  5. What's the trick to improving quality of textures when up close? I noticed on the ground and on models when I get real close the texture is blurry or looks like really low resolution. The screenshot attached is one of the textures that came with Leadwerks. I also tried other textures but had the same problem. I did use the diffuse, normal, and displacement files. Out of curiosity I tried Unity 3D and textures looked great on it up close. I've attached a picture of what I'm referring to. It's one of the included textures (I'm using version 3.2 Indie from Steam).
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