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  1. Ok I've read this thread from top to bottom and Josh tell me if this is correct... You want Leadwerks to be the a very "bang for your buck" game engine and to the best of your knowledge decided that Substance integration doesn't have that much bang to it relative to other features, thus putting on the backburner.
  2. I have a good idea so far as to how one can implement a system of status effects. But in the special case of status effects that do healing over time or damage over time, I am somewhat stumped. Probably because the buff it isn't just modifying character stats, but actually performing the action of hurt or healing a character, which is something I can more easily understand if it was a player or NPC firing off such an event. If you can help me in anyway, please try to give me an answer in a language independent manner.
  3. RygtY


    I'm of the opinion that it is faster to prototype with LEGO blocks.
  4. Don't forget the physics. In addition to looking like water, things must float on top of it as well.
  5. Ok perhaps I should've elaborated some more. The Source Engine's Hammer editor allows map makers to create a cube of water. This allows for the map maker to create bodies of water ranging from oceans to rivers to swimming pools. Said swimming pools might be located at different heights as well. As far as I know Leadwerks can't do this yet.
  6. I know right now we have a universal water height variable. but what if I want to create a scene that has a dunk pool in it like the ones you would find in a carnival or fair? As far as I know there is no way to make this happen given what Leadwerks has at the moment.
  7. RygtY


    So when does this hit the market? This would really speed up production provided that the team has competent artist.
  8. I really cannot read things in the list that you just typed. Could you please say it again? EDIT: Sorry, I've noticed that you are from France. If possible could you post the same concept but written in French, so that there is reference to translated from.
  9. Hi I want to ask something that I can't quite figure out on my own. How does a racing game keep track of who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on and so forth and update that information on the fly? Also this algorithm must work for any track of arbitrary topology.
  10. Ok what about one of those Gigabyte Brix machines? More specifically this one. BTW I did consider the use of a "server" to compile and perhaps I should've mentioned that near the start of this thread.
  11. Hypothetical scenario involves 4 PCs. Two machines are for modeling, artwork, and audio editing, and the other two are used for coding. If I really wanted to be a cheapskate I would ask every programmer (including me) to bring their own laptop. My current calculations place the cost for these four machines at a total cost of around $2500 (not including shipping fees, taxes, and cost of assembly by a third party). If I am being far too miserly, please tell me how much one ought to spend.
  12. isn't the point of Leadwerks to provide a tool that has a high potential, but not necessarily high ease of use?
  13. Hmm, if you are going to do RPG I hope that you are going to implement a good example of a modifiers system. I've always wonder how games like Civilization V handle all those modifiers.
  14. Ok so does that mean that this $260 HP computer would suffice for the sole purpose of writing code?
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