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    On the road again

    Great little game! The only thing that annoys me is the short freeze when finishing a level. I assume that's because it's not async loading leaderboard data.
  2. Hi folks, This question is directed towards Josh/Leadwerks, but I think it's good to have it out in the open. (Couldn't find an answer on the forums.) I have a Pro/C++ license and compile custom binaries which make heavy use of Lua scripts. Am I allowed to put all the scripts with my custom binaries (without the C++ source of my project) on github and have others work on it? This is only related to development of the scripts and gives no one access to the existing Leadwerks toolset. So basically it would be the same as distributing a game, but then encouraging others to make changes. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm aware that Josh wasn't very excited to support v140 compilation in VS2015. But seeing the community version of VS2015 is free of charge and that VS2013 always screws up its paths on my various PCs: Is there any ETA for v140 compilation support? Are there any downsides? If backwards compat is the issue. Is it possible to make v140 the default or at least an option for new projects?
  4. Yes it is. And that's why it's very strange why it isn't implemented yet.
  5. True that. Just need to protect a couple files.
  6. For anyone that has the same issue: I'm currently looking into compiling/converting my Lua code to bytecode. It seems to work good. Although I'm not sure how safe it really is.
  7. Of course. But this is still a bug, even though it's not a supported feature. And I can't imagine this taking a lot of time to fix. Seeing it already works with the normal publishing method. I would really appreciate it. And else I will need to publish my game with all the Lua code, so anyone can pretty much make their own game with it without buying a Leadwerks license.
  8. I understand that, but I've seen you posting about the package feature a couple times. And seeing it only breaks for password protected files, isn't it possible for you to look into this?
  9. I'm using incremental updates for public testing. Putting everything in 1 ZIP won't work. And the sound-engine which I use has no support for the Leadwerks VirtualFileSystem. So I really just want to protect my scripts, or at least most of them.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to protect only my Lua files by using an passworded ZIP. I load the ZIP via the package method and I'm passing the correct parameter. It seems the Lua files are loaded fine, but I can't execute them with Interpeter::ExecuteFile. The files are simply not found. I've tried to put my main Lua file in the scripts folder and protect the rest (so it uses the 'import' directive from the main Lua file). But that isn't working either. How come this doesn't work with protected ZIPs? (all of this works fine as long as it isn't protected!) Thanks in advance.
  11. Script:Start is called when using Entity:SetScript I had troubles finding this at first too. There are quite some functions which aren't documented. Quite a pity
  12. This thread deserves a bump! -- So here's a work in progress video of the 'Fallout' GameMode in my game Bobblemod. This GameMode is about the Last Man Standing while tiles randomly drop. Players are warned beforehand because the tile turns red. The player who survives the longest wins the round. Some remarks: - Chat key-detection is somewhat broken. - Screen turns black after falling because player dies. There's no spectating code yet etc. - Other players don't move because I can't control 3 players at once. - Uses a dedicated server (same binary as client). Tech. Features: - Most of the code is in Lua. Performance seems to be fine so far. - BASS audio engine. - Latest ENet network library integration - Networked (physics) entities via map-loading and on-the-fly creation serverside. - Synced players - GameMode manager - This 'Fallout' GameMode itself is currently only about 100 lines code. Video: My thoughts on the game: It was mostly a test to improve my Lua and game logic coding skills. But when I have the motivation to finish this I want to make Bobblemod a bit like Counter-Strike Source MiniGame maps and Garry's Mod Fretta GameModes where players play short GameModes for ~ 4 rounds and then get to vote for a new MiniGame. With scoring included of course. It should be all about fun! Let me know what your guys thoughts are.
  13. Great! Can't wait for the 3.3 stable.
  14. Wouldn't it be useful to add a 'Don't merge' flag in the editor? Adding an empty script also works, but it feels wrong.
  15. Why isn't it implemented yet? It's pretty much a basic thing and can't see how it would be difficult to add, especially since the selection itself works.
  16. I've disabled 'Instant object creation' in the Editor, however, I expected you can easily select multiple entities/objects this way. But that doesn't work. Is there a way to do this? (apart from using the Ctrl-key and clicking on the objects)
  17. The Map:Load callback doesn't seem to return CSG geometry (boxes and such). While technically the geometry are a bunch of entities. Returning works fine once I attach a script to it. This should either be explained properly in the documentation, or it would be nice to have this fixed. (I prefer the latter, of course)
  18. How does one loop through all entities in a world? (lua)

    1. Ywa


      Yes I'm aware of the Map:Load callback. But I would like to get it at any point without storing it in Lua.

    2. shadmar
    3. shadmar


      but these are not supported commands: GetEntity and CountEntities

  19. Are your sounds that important? I mean.. I can understand you want to protect your Lua code and such, but many commercial games store their sounds in normal files. Or is it due to licensing? -- I just finished my wrapper which overwrites the normal Sound & Source, which works perfectly. I also made some updates to the LuaBASS bind. If anyone wants more info just send me a PM.
  20. If you have some C++ knowledge you can add support for the BASS audio library (supports MP3, OGG and more). It's free of charge for non-commercial use. What you need: - http://www.un4seen.com/ (library) - https://github.com/brachyonic/LuaBASS (Lua bind for BASS) - A wrapper to mimic/replace the common Sound Lua functions. I'm working on this, might release it when I'm done and people want it.
  21. I want to sync entities between 2 applications through networking. But I want to know when their matrix changed so I know when to send an update to the other application. I'm doing this is in Lua now but my method is leaking memory. (still trying to solve that) So having a hook for this would be great!
  22. My worst Lua nightmare became reality: out of memory

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    2. Josh
    3. Josh


      You're using the constructor, right? Not Vec3:new() I hope.

    4. Ywa


      I use the normal constructor yes. I'll investigate this more tomorrow and post a thread about this when needed.

  23. Would it be easy to add that? I'm currently checking the matrix every frame, but I'd rather let the engine handle this for performance reasons.
  24. Hi folks, Is there a way to make Entity::UpdateMatrixHook hook work in Lua? I don't understand how it's supposed to work. Thanks.
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