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  1. i am new to 3D game development so give me some time to learn, the last time i did any development was when flash was the thing to use. i plan on making an rpg similar to skyrim in size not story in the long haul this is not my immediate goal. i was wondering if we are allowed to use other external libraries like horde 3d inside of leadwerks. i want to modify horde 3D to fit the needs of my game.
  2. i really dont care anymore im going to focus more on alienware alpha as a specific development area im not going to use xbox one, im personally just optimizing for an entry level alpha the $550 version i have been busy lately trying to get ideas rolling and get together a small team for the first game my team is coming up with. im sorry for taking so long to respond.
  3. devkit price = sign up and prove that you have xp and 2 free dev kits come along in the mail, current poccess but i dont have the xp so i will be using a retail when ever they update it to allow this
  4. yes i agree josh im just going off of info i do know... and i would like to release on steam but i dont want to accout for thousands of diffrent pc rigs with xbox one its one spec thats it this is the reason consoles do well with developers who are part of id@xbox or with publishers
  5. josh i wasnt saying it was nessessary just saying it would be cool i would still use leadwerks and apply the code in c++ but i dont know if the xbox one supports opengl graphics i thought it was only direct x i still have to look more into that
  6. microsoft will eventually be doing something like ouya and all retal xbox ones are rigged as a dev kit and eventually self publishing will be on xbox one so im not to conserned about signing a contract but am at the same time cause the id@xbox is still in beta so it may be 2015 till i can do so... i dont know ps4 i think they are a bit more closed in terms of getting in
  7. ok sorry i was busy and counldnt get on till now, ok that would be great josh, if you could find away i would gladly pay for a module wether it needs standard or not, i would spend possibly no more than $100 for the console module, reasoning being it would require me to pay $100 for indie verson (i already own so that not a concern), $100 when i can get my team together for shandard edition, but i figure hitting a $300 dollar for an xbox one module would be ok or $50 and add diffrent modules at this price one for ps4, xb1, ios, and android which would up the price to $400 all around softawre..
  8. ok so i have the indie version of leadwerks and i was wondering if i were to upgrade to standard edition if i use c++ on a project can i use direct x and possibly make an xbox one game when the dev kit fuctionality to retail systems comes out?
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