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  1. Hi all, Today I've a question about the commercial use of Leadwerks engine. If I develop a game made with this engine, can I publish it on Steam Store? Are they protected by a serial code? What license and terms of conditions have I to agree? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I've a question about Leadwerks. I know that Lua, Python and Java are interpreted language. So, e.g., I need Java software to play Minecraft. If I create a game with Leadwerks and publish it, will users need Lua interpreter or will Lua be embedded and compiled into C++? Thank you all.
  3. Hi all, I haven't bought the engine yet, but I want to discover more about this software. I want to make my own games, expecially a Role Playing Game. I've read on the web that Leadwerks engine support Lua, a very easy-to-learn language. Is this engine suitable for a RPG? Does it support 2D graphic to display Health, Level, Armor and Inventory? Thank you
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