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  1. reepblue

    Turbo Engine 2D Redux

    So, what about the 3D sprites? What would they be called? Billboards? Overall, this seems much more easier to understand. With SVGs, we can now have round HUD elements without fears of rasterization!
  2. I had a similar issue once. I even thought of I used the engines stream functions, it would allow me to access my files within the zip files, but nope. You could try to rename the file as a Lua file and phrase it as a standard text file. I did something like this in Luawerks. Josh, hopefully you are thinking about this when it comes to the new engine. I'm sure people would want to package file formats that they are using with the new plugin feature.
  3. @Josh Please add EFX to the list for Turbo.. :B
  4. Yep, always happens. You have to click off the viewpoint/another viewport to stop the camera.
  5. You can pharse the output stream with C++.
  6. The Valve Index is really cool. Looking forward to developing stuff for it!

    1. Josh


      I thought it does not come out until September?

    2. reepblue


      Shipped June 28. I wasn't expecting mine until August to be honest.

  7. reepblue


    While I think we should have less tutorials, example content is a must. I myself learn things by looking at examples, and then modifying those samples to make it do what I want it to do. Samples should both be freely available and on the market place. We should also have a tutorial on the editor, and where everything is/what it does. But otherwise I agree; no "How to make an FPS shooter" this time. Give them a template and let them be creative. 🙂
  8. Canonical back tracked on that decision due to the concerns, everything is going to be fine for now. The new engine will be 64 bit and you can always sell your game on other distributions.
  9. People seem to really dig the new strip lights!

    1. gamecreator


      I think anything that shows a new way of making our projects look good is applauded.

    2. wadaltmon


      L I G H T S A B E R S

  10. Make this another property in the json file so it can be toggled. 🙂
  11. I recall doing a similar test myself and I don't remember lights without shadows decreasing performance.
  12. Do these models have bones? If so, might be a reason why. We had a lot of people had issues with models with a full body rig.
  13. Lights are cheap, it's the shadows you have to worry about for the most part.
  14. Compare these results to how it looks in Leadwerks:
  15. Thanks for that link, it pointed me to an application that I was looking for. http://orsvarn.com/entry/channel-shuffle/
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