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  1. reepblue

    Ubuntu 18.04 and Leadwerks

    Tbh we should do this for every dependency possible. Definitely if 4.6 is the final release of the engine unless you wish to maintain it every 2-4 years once a new LTS ships.
  2. reepblue

    How did you get into game dev?

  3. reepblue

    Network Test

    What about client object drawing? For example with an fps, I don't want my player model to draw but I want people to see it and I want to see their player model. How would that be achieved?
  4. Really cool. Hopefully a network newbie like me can understand this. Hopefully you can copy and paste this system into the new engine once this update goes live.
  5. reepblue

    Network Test

    I couldn't test it with you being my high latency internet. But I really like how it looks. Gives me a old school Source MP feel and it hits home for me. When the template is done, I'll be sure to play with it. I have a home network I can test on. I can always reinstall LE on my Linux machine if my Win8 laptop can't handle it.
  6. Since the Turbo repo is now distant from the Leadwerks one, will this roll into Turbo or will it be less Steam reliant?
  7. reepblue

    Seamless texturing between Objects

    Like Josh said, just use CSG to shell your level and add props later. Just because other technologies push the "model and UV walls and floors into modular pieces" doesn't make it right. The advantage of using CSG is that you can get an idea out fast. You can reshape the layout at any time and once everyone is happy with it, then you detail it.
  8. reepblue

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    What was the cause of this issue?
  9. reepblue

    Digital Reorganization

    Glad to hear you made it to the States safely. Hopefully this means more stable Turbo builds and more development.
  10. reepblue

    Discord Server Deleted

    Ok, anything is better than nothing. If some comes by and starts seeing week old posts, they'll assume the community is inactive. No, I understand your reasoning. One thing it has over forums tho is it can be used for quick back and forth discussions. The site supports direct chat, maybe support chatrooms? It would also be cool to get voice chat so we don't have to rely on Google for the Hangouts. You should just take what people liked about the discord app and find a way to merge those features on your site.
  11. reepblue

    Discord Server Deleted

    Please do something about the project pages. The forum looks dead until you start browsing the Project posts. I understand you need to be apart of the project to see notifications, but it would be cool to have something to be like "Hey, everyone is chatting about this project" on the main page. You shouldn't have to dig to find were everyone is at.
  12. reepblue

    Ubuntu 18.04 and Leadwerks

    Keep in mind you might run into an issue in which the engine will require libcurl3 but the OS has libcurl4 installed by default (or vise versa.)
  13. reepblue

    Sample FPS Player Script in New Engine

    I can't wait to write my own scripts. Nice to see physics online. 🙂 On the note of the Destroy function, I think Free() would be a better name. Destroy sounds like kill/delete. Free is what I name functions that clean out pointers and values with my RaspPi project. Who knows, I may just be weird. I'd be interested in others take on it.
  14. reepblue

    Turbo Game Engine Beta Update

    Oh yeah no. That will not work in VR. lol. But the old Vectronic Demo can.
  15. reepblue

    Turbo Game Engine Beta Update

    Oh the platforms? Yeah it's possible to do but idk most people would be able to stomach it, probably not worth the effort. I would just make the platforms enable a teleport path upward. Since scripting is now in the engine, I might experiment with porting my existing system in. The ball shooting stuff should work well in VR