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  1. Keep us posted on how it works out. I got impact sounds for models, but it'll be nice to have material types for each material like the Source Engine provides by default.
  2. I can confirm what I have isn't the "Microsoft Basic Display Driver". It reports the exact same driver that's on this machine with the Adrenalin bloat. The WHQL drivers are fine as I don't play the newest titles. (I still play Portal 1 ffs) I found a thread on how to install the optional drivers without the bloatware. https://community.amd.com/thread/246601 I'm going to try the current drivers and if I get artifacts, I'll try this method. From what I'm reading, it's actually the bloatware causing the drivers to be stupid. It's also funny to see usernames like "antibloat" and
  3. I'm not apart of much forums as I used to be back in the day, so I was hoping you guys here can give me more information. I also didn't know what to title this. For the past 12 years of my life, I would install Windows, and grab the latest WHQL drivers from the vendors site and install drivers. This would increase the display resolution from something like 1024x768 to what ever the monitor was, and allow Areo effects in Windows 7. Pretty basic and straight forward. Things have changed since then. Not only Windows will pull a driver from their servers, but the drivers you get on the site
  4. You can access all downloaded DLC by just extracting the ZIP file provided under the following directory. steamapps\common\Leadwerks\DLC\Asset_430061_76561197972437720_The Zone.zip
  5. I'd prefer you just export models as an fbx these days.
  6. Grab the camera with a for loop, then use it's fog functions to change it dynamically.
  7. Fog information is stored with the world/map. When a camera is created, the camera pulls the information about the fog and enables a post effect using that data. Make sure post processing is enabled and no settings are set to low.
  8. The eye lashes needs to be its own material with the correct blend mode.
  9. Can't wait for the public Kickstarter so I can start posting videos on YouTube like I used to do with the Source Engine. 

    1. 3dart


      wait source 2 is that what your talking about??

  10. That tells me the Armature isn't assigned to the mesh properly. Check your modifiers and bones to make sure that's set up properly. Without the blend file, we can't really help you much further.
  11. Take a look at this post for basic importing. With animation, select both the Armature and the mesh and export it as fbx 7.4. Make sure animation is selected in the export settings as well.
  12. I personally just disable VSync setting context->Sync(false). My apps always felt a lot better overall.
  13. Very cool. I'll be sure to give this a go. I assume the limitations of the last build still apply but it's just much faster.
  14. AABB and these commands are what I had in-mind. virtual bool IntersectsPoint(const Vec3& p, const float radius=0);//lua virtual bool IntersectsAABB(const AABB& aabb, const float overlap=0);//lua virtual int IntersectsPlane(Plane plane);//lua virtual bool IntersectsLine(const Vec3& p0, const Vec3& p1, const float radius=0.0);//lua virtual float DistanceToPoint(const Vec3& point, const float radius=0);//lua
  15. You should but I'm not sure if it's exposed to Lua. I can take a look at the headers tonight for you.
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