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  1. reepblue

    Clustered Forward Rendering

    I got rid of my older machine with the 750ti. My Windows machine has the RX480 while my Linux box as a cute little 1050ti. When I get a chance, I'll update my hardware profile. 🙂 Granted, I didn't play with LE on my RX much outside of VR. Noticed a performance boost on the AI and Events map with visual odds that I took was more on AMDs part. I recall not being happy with The Zone and pin pointed it to do with the amount of objects in the cameras view cone while I was trying to get the map to work with VR. I understand and respect you not wanting to back engineer the engine, and that's cool. Use your new knowledge from Turbo to make Leadwerks faster and I'll be happy to give it another look Maybe you can also lower the overhead with other classes (like bones) while you're in there as well. I'm eager await what you have in mind and end up doing.
  2. reepblue

    Clustered Forward Rendering

    I have mix feelings about the new approach on the LE5 idea. It makes totally sense to support Leadwerks as Turbo is developing in the background. Totally focusing on the future now will make Leadwerks seem like abandon ware (although not really.) Leadwerks 3.1 - 4.x was designed to work with the Steam ecosystem which is a huge mess beyond belief. Since this site has steam intergration, you could resell LE5 at the $99/$199 price, the subscription model (good idea to test this sooner) and offer existing owners of LE4 on Steam a discounted price. I used to be a big Steam supporter, but due to recent events, I encourage people to go elsewhere. As for the features of this LE5, I recommend actually porting the new architecture for performance instead of new visuals. I always have and still have performance issues with Leadwerks to a point I shelved my projects in wait of Turbo and free time. Porting the architecture will also allow you to see if it will hold up in real world use. I personally don't care how you end up making LE faster if porting the architecture is a project within itself, but LE should see a performance update. The Zone should run better then it currently does in my opinion. In the end, it's your call as always. 🙂
  3. reepblue

    Introducing Leadwerks Marketplace

    Not just assets are there, Luawerks (a back end framework) is 50% off at $4.99/USD! Use this to cut hours of devtime with your tournament projects. There is a bug tracker (currently no reported bugs) and mini articles over on GitHub. Any questions, I'm just an email away and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂
  4. reepblue

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    I wrote an entire essay explaining my statement then realized/remembered that Turbo and LE share the same code base. So even if LE bit rota over time, you can't share the code anyway due to it containing turbo code. Sorry. 🙂
  5. reepblue

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    I hope the end product of this will take the ease of use of Leadwerks with the speed of Turbo. What I'm saying, please keep the level csg editor, quick asset importing, easy to read API, mutliplat support and all those aspects that made me purchase LE in 2014 or so. Also, no disrespect to the artist of the logo, but I found it screaming "riced up Honda Civics" than "very efficient game engine." when I first saw it. I think the gold is nice versus the silver with LE logo so it hints the two are some what related (unless you didn't want that then oops..) So what is going to become of this site? Will this just be turned into turboengine.com or will LE and Turbo co exist? Will LE become an entry level engine with a lower base price, or maybe consider open source? I hate for LE to be deprechated and/or purged from existence like LE2 was handled. I have your engine to thank for getting me invested more into low level code, and the people I've met and learned from here, but I see it hard the two existing in this point in time. It's engine, you do what makes the most sense. Also, is Turbo Game Engine another piece of software from Leadwerks Software, or your company name is changing too? Sorry for all the questions, just curious on where you plan to take things.
  6. reepblue

    Apple to deprecate OpenGL

    Source: https://developer.apple.com/macos/whats-new/ With the upcoming macOS upgrade, 32 applications such as Steam will no longer be supported. While Valve can (or maybe are) develop a 64 bit build of Steam, the games would need to be too. But that's just the beginning. Today with their 10.14 update, Apple decided it would be a fantastic idea to start phasing out OpenGL; graphical API that help set up the foundation of computer graphics and provided universal support for multiple platforms with their upcoming OS upgrade. I'm actually pretty upset about this. I picked up a iMac to tinker with and to see what I can build on it. Back a few years ago, everything looked like it was going the universal route; one codebase for all but now Apple is forcing users to use metal, which means different code if you want to do multiplatform. And let us not forget that Apple is a trend setter, I will not be surprised if Microsoft pulls a similar stunt. OpenGL might have issues, but the idea of it being not available at all. Well they didn't mention Vulkan, so who knows about that, from what I recall there is no word on that. I'm interested to see the thoughts of Josh and other developers who are more educated on OpenGL than I am. Also interested to see what will become of projects such as SDL and of course Leadwerks going forward.
  7. Optimize lighting and shadows and fix/reduce shadow banding. LE5 is already better than LE4 due to it not slowing down after a few objects and skeletons. Looking forward to the final product.
  8. reepblue

    Error starting leadwerks

    Why are you running Windows Vista? Does Vista even have OpenGL4 driver support?
  9. reepblue

    lua dofile prevents exported game from starting

    Thanks for the insight Mack, I recall trying to use dofile without sandboxing and it wouldn't work. But your advice is much better than mine, cheers!
  10. reepblue

    lua dofile prevents exported game from starting

    Please show an example of how you wish to do something. You might need to find another way of your implementation.
  11. reepblue

    lua dofile prevents exported game from starting

    With LE4, dofile isn't exposed. To call the lua script, you need to use "import" instead. This will run the lua script and put all the functions and variables in memory.
  12. reepblue

    Lua in Leadwerks 5 is Solved

    I had some worries about the lua bindings with the new pointer system myself, but glad a new library does the job. I might look into Sol for my personal projects. The VSCode implementation seems really neat. My only criticism is that it ruins the "All in one package" model you have created for the current version if you decide to not do your own script editor. Regardless, VS Code is really nice, I use it all the time. I just wish it opened as fast as notepad or notepad++. I haven't had the time to really play with Leadwerks at all as of late. But I'm always looking forward to what's new in the engine. Oh yeah, as a kid I got called anti social because I liked to be on the computer a lot while being in the comfort of my home. I went to roller skating at a place last weekend and noticed that mostly everyone there was on their phones most of the time. I on the other hand left my phone in the car so it wouldn't get broken. The idea that people paid money for admission for a social event, to be on their phone is disgusting. Anyway, glad everything is working out.
  13. reepblue

    Game Window Size

    Hello, thank you for purchasing Luawerks. You can reset the settings to default by deleting the cfg file under users/AppData/GAME. Once you click apply, all settings in the panel get saved into memory and saved when the game closes. You can change the default window size by editing GraphicsWindow.lua. For any future questions about Luawerks, feel free to contact me.
  14. reepblue

    VR: Rotate Camera

    Hey all, I'm playing with VR and I wanted to create something you'd find in Robo Recall in which the player can change the direction they want to face after a teleport. I did the becon rotating and it was all ready to go until I found out that no matter If I rotated the camera or player, OpenVR took priority on what was north south east and west. Is there a way to do this in lua and/or C++? I have a Oculus Rift with very limited play space so I wanted to have this feature for playing around.
  15. reepblue

    End Hook On PlayAnimation Gets Called In Begining

    Thanks, should clear things up.