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  1. An update and/or for Turbo, have a wrapper function for entities to get the status of the physics. This: bool sleepstate = NewtonBodyGetSleepState(((NewtonDynamicsBody*)entity->body)->body); Can be this: bool sleepstate = entity->IsPhysicsSleeping() IDK about the name, but this function would be nice.
  2. Tested this Windows, have not yet tested on Linux (Which as the Nivida card.) Anyone can test with Any config with this.
  3. I couldn't get my old Cyclone project to recompile. Let me know if you need it to compile for you to test Josh. For now, I'm sharing this MyGame template in compressed forum with Luawerks installed to easily play with settings/maps. This showcases the shadow issues I'm witnessing. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AunSDJ8Se0vXiTy_uq3dVhRlm3ZP I'm experiencing this with an AMD RX480 when the light quality is set to medium when I play the AI and Events map. When you set the light quality to high, it corrects itself. This does not happen with newer maps/projects.
  4. Ok, I'll PM you the file with instructions. I think the shadow thing is an AMD thing, I might want to test the shadow bug with my Linux machine that's running a NVIDIA card.
  5. What do you need? my map, the project? Mind you, the complete project is over a gig! I didn't really provide because I'm not sure what to provide. The shadow issue is present in the SDK AI and Events map. Just create a new MyGame Project and the shadow issue is right in front of you. This seems to be an issue with lighting set on medium. Moving the light fixes it. Again, AMD RX480 here.
  6. Hello, Not much I can report on this one, but I have prove that shadows and material rotations get corrupted. These shots were from a map from Summer 2017. The shadows are messed up in-game, but the brush face rotation doesn't happen until the map is loaded back in the editor. The screen shot below is running the game as-is as I zipped it in late 2017. (Version 4.3/4.4 I think...) Here are some editor shots Showing that the material's rotation on faces gets corrupted somehow and goes back to 0 for the rotation (While in the game, they are as I set it.) Let me know if you need my project in full. In-fact the AI and Events map has the blocky shadow issues if I recall correctly.
  7. Luawerks has been updated to 1.2.8, making some small adjustments and fixes to the system. If you have previously purchased Luawerks, this update is available for free on the Leadwerks Marketplace. Following changes include: Fixed GUI code for Leadwerks Game Engine 4.6 Removed the feature "allowfullscreenfromeditor" as it was causing conflicts with fullscreen. Added ignoreeditorwinsettings bool setting to force the game to ignore editor launch settings. (Sorry for the delay..) About Luawerks Luawerks is a Lua framework for video games developed on the Leadwerks Game Engine. It supplies developers with additional functions, handles the game loop and allows them to debug their code with a developers console. With all that out of the way, you can focus on making your game fun! You can purchase Luawerks from the Leadwerks Marketplace for $9.99. For documentation and bug reporting, please visit the GitHub page.
  8. Just putting this info here in-case someone looks this up: Add an additional sub-step to prevent the spring from "freaking out" when down. world->Update(2) Current code that's working very nice. function Script:Start() self.entity:SetMass(1) self.entity:SetGravityMode(false) local position=self.entity:GetPosition(true) self.joint=Joint:Slider(position.x,position.y,position.z,0,-20,0,self.entity,nil) self.joint:EnableLimits() self.joint:SetLimits(0,0.02) self.joint:SetFriction(1000,1000) self.joint:SetSpring(2500,2500,50) end function Script:UpdateWorld() if self.joint:GetAngle() >= 0.01 then System:Print(self.joint:GetAngle()) end end
  9. I get this error when I close my app with Ubuntu 18.04.
  10. The child will always be hidden with the parent. I feel any delay will result in the same effect.
  11. I've decided to take a different direction with this. While It's still not 1:1, I now have a perk in doing it the way I am now. Still, would like some insight for future issues,
  12. Hello, This is going to be hard to explain, but I need to parent a model to an entity that I want hidden in-order to get custom VR models to work correctly. The issue is tjhat when the parent is hidden, all of it's children are forced hidden as well. There is a rubber band effect when you just apply the the parent's matrix to the child's matrix every frame. // Update The model to the controller's matrix if (m_pControllerA != nil) { m_pControllerA->SetMatrix(VR::GetControllerModel(m_intControllerA)->GetMatrix()); } if (m_pControllerB != nil) { m_pControllerB->SetMatrix(VR::GetControllerModel(m_intControllerB)->GetMatrix()); } When it is parented to the controller, the models are one-to-one and there is no delay.My question is how do I mimic the matrix updating without actually doing any parenting?
  13. Simple script issue where the stock Sliding Door script no longer starts open when told to do so out of the box. This is my Start function fix. If you think of anything better, let me know. function Script:Start() self.entity:SetGravityMode(false) if self.entity:GetMass()==0 then Debug:Error("Entity mass must be greater than 0.") end self.sound={} if self.opensoundfile~="" then self.sound.open = Sound:Load(self.opensoundfile) end if self.loopsoundfile~="" then self.sound.loop = Sound:Load(self.loopsoundfile) end if self.closesoundfile~="" then self.sound.close = Sound:Load(self.closesoundfile) end if self.sound.loop~=nil then self.loopsource = Source:Create() self.loopsource:SetSound(self.sound.loop) self.loopsource:SetLoopMode(true) self.loopsource:SetRange(50) end if self.manualactivation==false then self.Use=nil end self.opentime=0 --Create a motorized slider joint local position=self.entity:GetPosition(true) local pin=self.distance:Normalize() self.joint=Joint:Slider(position.x,position.y,position.z,pin.x,pin.y,pin.z,self.entity,nil) self.openangle=self.distance:Length() self.closedangle=0 if self.openstate then self.entity:SetPosition(position+self.distance) self.joint:SetAngle(self.openangle) end self.joint:EnableMotor() self.joint:SetMotorSpeed(self.movespeed) end
  14. Darkness Awaits 2
  15. What about a VR game also?
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