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  1. reepblue

    Using Multiple Entity Scripts in Turbo Game Engine

    I'll probably never use the multiple return value feature and mostly stick with mono-scripting mostly However, it's really cool to have multiple script attachments for those cases in which multiple scripts would make sense. I rarely run into it, but it does happen. Overall the Lua implementation looks much better than it is in Leadwerks. Really stoked about using an entity as a table for other scripts to add, remove or manipulate. You made this much better, hopefully you can hit the same bar with the flowgraph/io system. 🙂
  2. reepblue

    September 29th, 2018

    The following is included in this release: Fixed player's pick up in which the object will not drop when the player is in the object's global aabb space. Replaced the player's model to shrink player's AABB radius. Disabled the VR tab of the launcher in Linux. Due to issues with the last release, I've uploaded it on my OneDrive. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AunSDJ8Se0vXiTXauNe965YH_H5n
  3. Neat, but will the complete functions be exposed as well? I'm hoping to convert LE scripts to Turbo when this ships.
  4. Will this be in the next beta and how many classes will be exposed?
  5. reepblue

    Trademark for "Turbo Game Engine"

    "Turbo" is a word. "Turbo Game Engine" is a registered trademark of Leadwerks Software 2018
  6. There is also SetPhysicsPosition()...
  7. reepblue

    Wrong position of imported object.

    That feature is not present under the Linux build. 🙃
  8. reepblue

    September 23rd, 2018

    This is the initial version of Vec-Tec, the reincarnation project of Vectronic. The goal of this project is to build a asset package for education and experimentation. The following is included in this release: Launcher app: This window calls before the game loop starts. Here is where you set your map, settings, and VR mode. The player is interchangeable, one player for spawn for VR and non-VR. Both players can move around the world and pickup objects. The VR teleport is nerved from the template to be more closer with the physical movement of the non-VR player. If you have an issue with Linux, make sure you use chmod under super user (sudo) to allow you to execute the program. VecTec-180923.zip
  9. reepblue

    Shader Typo: probe.shader

    Line 280: Change: #ifdef USEPOSITIONBUFFER //VR Sheared mprojection vec3 screencoord = texelFetch(texture4,icoord,i).xyz; s creencoord.y *= -1.0f; #else vec3 screencoord = vec3(((gl_FragCoord.x/buffersize.x)-0.5) * 2.0 * (buffersize.x/buffersize.y),((-gl_FragCoord.y/buffersize.y)+0.5) * 2.0,depthToPosition(depth,camerarange)); screencoord.x *= screencoord.z / camerazoom; screencoord.y *= -screencoord.z / camerazoom; #endif To: #ifdef USEPOSITIONBUFFER //VR Sheared mprojection vec3 screencoord = texelFetch(texture4,icoord,i).xyz; screencoord.y *= -1.0f; #else vec3 screencoord = vec3(((gl_FragCoord.x/buffersize.x)-0.5) * 2.0 * (buffersize.x/buffersize.y),((-gl_FragCoord.y/buffersize.y)+0.5) * 2.0,depthToPosition(depth,camerarange)); screencoord.x *= screencoord.z / camerazoom; screencoord.y *= -screencoord.z / camerazoom; #endif 🙂
  10. reepblue

    Introducing the new game

    Do you have a team/contact out or a one main army? The presentation looks really well done here. If you have an VR HMD, I'd like to swordplay in VR. 🙂 Overall, nice work. Best of luck!
  11. reepblue

    Script:Collision() question

    Try waking it up with entity:AddForce(0,0,0). The physics must be awake to call the collision function.
  12. reepblue

    Leadwerks Discord Channel?

    Link is not working for me on mobile. If it's a server up and running, send me an invite (reepblue #1315). Discord servers have their ups and downs, but if it's active enough, can be cool.
  13. reepblue

    Leadwerks Discord Channel?

    A Discord would be great for voice chatting and sharing content, but most channels turn into a meme sewer. You're free to make a discord channel yourself as the Source community does.
  14. reepblue

    Luawerks Updated

    Luawerks has been updated to 1.2.6, making some small adjustments and fixes to the system. If you have previously purchased Luawerks, this update is available for free on the Leadwerks Marketplace. Following changes include: Fixed flag typo correcting LUAWORKS to LUAWERKS Moved error.mat/tex to the Materials/Common folder Added a useuisystem boolean to disable the menu, Adjusted VR mode not to call any UI elements. At this time, this update is only exclusive to the Leadwerks Marketplace. About Luawerks Luawerks is a Lua framework for video games developed on the Leadwerks Game Engine. It supplies developers with additional functions, handles the game loop and allows them to debug their code with a developers console. With all that out of the way, you can focus on making your game fun! You can purchase Luawerks from the Leadwerks Marketplace for $9.99. For documentation and bug reporting, please visit the GitHub page.
  15. I got something I wish to reboot with a new approach. If it works out, it might be a benefit to everyone. 

    1. mdgunn


      Sounds interesting.  Eagerly waiting for more info.