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  1. It might have something to do with the fragData. Not an expert on shaders but I suggest you load the null shader and figure out what's causing the conflict. out vec4 fragData0; void main(void) { vec2 icoord = vec2(gl_FragCoord.xy/buffersize); if (isbackbuffer) icoord.y = 1.0 - icoord.y; fragData0 = texture(texture1,icoord); }
  2. Try it with the null shader. If it still doesn't work, then it has something to do with the final result. Might want to ask Josh directly about this. Null Post Shader - Game Art - Leadwerks Community Adding Postprocessing shaders does something. Probes don't work right without an effect loaded to the camera, and it might also be the cause of your shader not working. Really interested in this, I could use it in my project.
  3. Ok, I probably missed that looking thought the functions header. I don't need it now, it was something I was thinking of when writing my code above.
  4. Can we have a function like this in UAK? I wrote this for Leadwerks to access the Window's Font Directory. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Purpose: //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- std::string GetSystemEnviroment(const char* pszEnv) { #ifdef _WIN32 return std::string(getenv(pszEnv)); #else // ???? #endif return ""; } My use case: //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Purpose: //--------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I authenticated tonight. With the login box, I suggest you make the focus jump to the password box from the username upon hitting tab.
  6. Try deleting your Leadwerks.cfg and relaunching the editor. Uninstalling the editor doesn't delete the Documents folder.
  7. Status updates are gone from the main page. :(

    1. reepblue


      Now it is. Maybe it depends on the web browser?

    2. Josh


      No, I was just messing around with the layout. :D

  8. You can't draw to the context in vr. The result will print on the preview window but not the hmd. You need to make the text into a sprite in 3D space.
  9. Any post shader will fix this automaticly. This is so if you don't wish to use a post effect but you want to have the probes fixed. I plan on checking to see if the post stack of the camera, and loading this shader if the vector is empty. While the shader is light, it's not free. Also, this effects Nvidia and AMD Windows drivers.
  10. This is a blank shader that fixes an issue with the probes I brought up a while ago. I think I'm also getting a slight FPS boost, but what's important is that it doesn't seem to cost anything if you load one. Not sure why this fixes it, I was hoping I could find the fix in the probe shader but I had no luck. If anybody knows a better fix, please let me know. null.zip Before: Null Enabled:
  11. I would hook you up, but the code is pretty old and I had issues with Interpreter doing so. What functions do you need to call? Unless it's math functions, it's not worth it. If it's actor assigning, please take a look at this.
  12. Wasn't Stream::EOF() replaced with Stream::Ended()? Although EOF is faster to type, it conflicts with macros in some cases.
  13. I'll go through it again tonight. One thing I didn't like was that the beta had dependencies relating to VR and such included. I'm not sure if the actual project actually uses them. Also, you're keeping the "UltraEngine" namespace for the Ultra App Kit?
  14. This is a good step into turning the mouse look into an axis which can be set via an action binding system. You can also make a multiplier value for sensitivity. Thanks. Also, hopefully you got hold of an XInput device since the initial implementation of controller support.
  15. What is it exactly you're trying to do? You want to expose functions with glue code? Sorry for being so late, this just recently grabbed my attention.
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