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  1. I recommend to make such surveys BEFORE making descisions. Ask the costumer which update method they prefer and THAN decide. It's a question of respect to the costumers, to make business decisions according to their needs. This is also a good idea for the process of implementing new features. Ask the community and THAN decide. The community will be grateful to see that they can incorporate in developing your product. If you now the unreal community, you could get a feeling of what are their factor of success. That's my last comment on this topic.
  2. I buy via paypal and download in 2 minutes at gamesrocket.com. Download links will stay in user account ... no client software needed.
  3. I don't like steam since valve forced their user to use it to play half life 2. I don't like facebook also, even when lots of friends are recommending it to me. I enjoy to play around with game engines and decided to give leadwerks a try a view month ago even if it costs me 200$. Unlike CryEngine it was available without using third party tools like steam for getting updates. That was a main point in my purchase decision. In september I asked Josh if we still get standalone updates even if he doesn't sell it as standalone version anymore. He sayd "YES" and I trusted him. Trust is a main issue in customer relationship. It's not only about getting maximum money with a minimum of effort. But since my questions about his promise to continue providing standalone updates has been ignored, I lost the trust completely. I am not willing to get forced to use steam and I will drop using leadwerks. It's not an option for me anymore, as CryEngine is not an option for me also since the free version was frozen since they sell the engine on steam. Bye leadwerks community, it was a nice time here.
  4. I will continue to work on my ue4 project meanwhile, there's no hurry Josh.
  5. Will you take care for the standalone update when the steam key requests are completed?
  6. Josh, please stand by your word and provide the latest standalone update on a regular base without the need to begging for it.
  7. still waiting for the 3.3 update here ...
  8. If the standalone version is being discontinued, I don't need Leadwerks anymore because I don't use steam. Is it possible to cancel my license and get a refund? Bought Leadwerks on July 30th this year. Possibly someone likes to buy my license (lua and c++) and transfer it to a steam version.
  9. Still learning some basics about rendering and found this great article ... http://simonschreibt.de/gat/renderhell/
  10. "It's always possible for something to sound like a good idea, but I don't know how well it will work before I actually implement." (Josh here)
  11. Thanks for your reply on my comment. I was just wondering why the current list of requested features of the community was not mentioned in your forecast.
  12. Thanks for the forecast on the next updates. Some ideas sounds really nice. I like to share my thoughts in this comment ... I totally understand that you dislike to pin yourself on promises and plans but it would be great if you can incorporate some community ideas in your plans for Leadwerks 3.3 and 3.4 as already statet out in this thread. Unfortunately you didn't reply on this discussion yet. It would be great to get a statement if any of the listed ideas go along with your plans for the feature updates. I didn't recognized a kind of process which synchronizes the community needs and ideas with your own plans yet. Your response sounds like "don't bother and let yourself be surprised". This makes me feel like a kid waiting for santa claus.
  13. you're right, thank's for this hint changed the code ... --Draw a line from box position to current mouse position local p0 = self.camera:Project(self.entity:GetPosition()) local p1 = self.window:GetMousePosition() context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) context:SetColor(1,0,0) context:DrawLine(p0.x,p0.y,p1.x,p1.y) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) context:SetColor(0,0,0) THANKS AGAIN to everyone for your help!
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