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  1. Same. Tried everything. On launch, it DL's an update and then I get disk write error. I have full admin rights. Tried deleting the software, didnt work. Tried checking the files via steam, didnt work. Tried to defrag my disks, not that that would be the cause, didnt work. Opted out of Beta, didnt work, opted back in, didnt work. on last use, the fpsgun script was screwed up so badly, the game wouldnt run. Error after error after error. Got so bad, I began to check out Skyline.
  2. Im not the brightest bulb in the house but if i know a way or a solution, I will always help out instead of pointing you on some goose chase.
  3. You can make the text lines shorter so that they dont run off the screen. Try using wordpad instead of notepad to edit the text, use the centered justification. Look at the screen when you "use" the object to make the screen come up and find a line that fits and make the other lines similar in size by just pressing "enter". Change the font by changing the font line in the script. I didnt have any issues with the texture not showing up but I did use the one that was with the DL as it fits my theme already. multiple pages would be cool as well to tell a story or set up a scene for the player. I am going to try and have a character that is just standing there running its idle animations as the object to use. Ive done this before and it worked but as of recent, there seems to be something wrong with my process of setting it up :/
  4. I know there is a way to use the 255 scale but I cant find an example at the moment.
  5. If I might ask, what did you try to set the color? Im sure its the same as what i would think of trying. Something like the context:SetColor(1,1,1,1) command?
  6. What a nice contribution. Works great and looks very nice. Im trying to change the font on the text but it dont seem to work if you just edit the text file. Edit: Got the new font to load. Stupid fingers dont understand when i push the Shift keya nd then a letter, its supposed to be CAPITALIZED! A new Keyboard that isnt crusty would be nice Poor lil G510 has seen some hours, alot of liquor and even more cigarettes than i would care to share. Again, awesome contribution!
  7. Something like that would be a really nice addition. I can see alot of possibilities especially at the start of a game, entering a new level and those sorts of things. Id probably set up it on collision if it were something I could manage to create. maybe DrawRect: for the shaded box to cover the screen and DrawImage: for the background image and then DrawText for the text? Just throwing ideas out there for thoughts or ideas. I liek the idea none the less. Im digging the new hat there Josh.
  8. You can also look in the project folder that can be found in the "documents" folder on your computer in the maps folder. the path would look like, C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Leadwerks\Projects\Project Name\Maps
  9. Whats got ya hung up buddy? What can i do to make this easier for you. Ill be more than happy to help you. What is the main maps name? You want to take that main maps name and put that into the APP.lua script as shown above OR you rmain maps name needs to be "start". So, open Leadwerks, in the asset browser, go to scripts and right there should be app.lua. double click it and it will open in the lua editor. As I shown you above, you can change the maps name to match the map that your trying to load.
  10. I came home today,loaded up the editor and ran my project to see where I was and was informed of the update. Fine, 2 files updated. Continued on to run my level after the update and noticed a weird stutter about every 2 seconds. Is this from the recent update? Is any one else seeing this?
  11. Here is BluHornets youtube channel if your in need of some help or want to use some of these great tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdNkNE5acxWUf2vCEo-eOcw
  12. DONT ask Blu anything about a problem. He will make a tutorial about it and make you learn it I love this guy.
  13. I believe if you call sounds, textures and the like from script, you will have to manually add them to the project unless you unchech the option to only include used assets. Another option is to attach the sounds to pivots under the terrain so that they are published with the project. Kind of like a bank of things so they get published. This is assuming I understand the issue correctly
  14. Josh, are there any plans for making it scalable? I cant have a huge water plane in any project where id like to have it as its just too expensive for my scene. 50-60 FPS drops to approx. 12-18 with the massive water plane.
  15. IF your first map is named differently, you can also open the app.lua script and lines 26,27,28 are where the first map is loaded. --Load a map local mapfile = System:GetProperty("map","Maps/start.map") --start.map is being loaded. if Map:Load(mapfile)==false then return false end You can change the start.map to what ever the map name is that you have or just resave your map as "start" and it should load up just fine. ("map","Maps/start.map") Maps refers to the folder that the map is in and start.map is the actual map name. Over kill on the info but maybe it helps some one down the line. . . . .
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