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  1. In other 3D application and engines, there is an option to change pivot point from element to world - a functionality that I think is fundamental. In Blender in particular, you get the option to rotate around individual origins, which leadwerks seems to have, median point, which leadwerks doesn't have but I think should, and several others like active element and cursor, that Leadwerks doesn't have. Most of those are unnecessary, but I think Leadwerk's should at least have median point *or* world center so we can rotate or scale objects in unison together. This is especially nice if you have a
  2. Thanks guys - yes, this is definitely something that should be implemented. I have used a lot of engines and 3D Creation software and I was a bit confused about even asking the question because I thought this was something that was nearly mandatory. I thought I was losing my mind when I couldn't find the option - lol. Yes, going to recommend it now. Now my level must be remade from scratch because it is lacking such a fundamental option, I feel. I'm not too far in though. I should be able to catch up again soon. Thanks again!
  3. Is there no option to use global pivot point to rotate objects or even a collection of objects by a single unified pivot point? I see the option under edit for global and local coordinates but I cannot get a group of blocks to pivot around a single pivot point - preferably world center. I want to swing the entire world around. It is a side stroller but I wanted the direction into the screen to be my Z to fit my scripts. I suppose I could change it, but it still would benefit me to know how I can change pivot points for objects or collection of objects. I've tried to Google it but couldn't find
  4. "What's on your mind?" Chicken... Chicken's on my mind, why do you ask?

  5. Hey! Thanks! I finally caved in and got express but I will definitely look into that as well. I had no idea they had options like that for students. I was able to get a discount on Autodesk for school. I just had to show vidence I went to school is all. I also got a discount with Sketchfab too. Seems a lot of places offer something for students - and we need all the help we can getting. Hard to make money while in school full time to qualify for grants. Thanks again.
  6. Yes, I too hope they make it. I think it's promising if everything works out. I know they have made things like this before that didn't fair too well, but I think it was mostly due to bad execution rather than a bad idea conceptually. They made a pen that was quipped with IMU and was used for modelling and sculpting, but it just didn't take off so well. Only time will tell.
  7. I wanted to go through and like all these responses but I guess I have a limit per day on likes so I just wanted to say I appreciate all your responses and recommendations and I will look into and consider every word. thanks you all.
  8. Amnesia uses it? Cool. I did not know that. I love Amnesia too. A great game.
  9. I've worked with gyros and accelerometers - 6axis, these are nine, I think, which should be even more accurate. They certainly can be accurate enough to do motion capture. It's the same thing they use in Wiimotes - just one - and it does very well. The problem is making them affordable. The one's I have used cost around a hundred bucks for just one IMU. You can get one at radioshack for 30 but it isn't very good it's just an accelerometer and not very accurate either. However, Wiimot has an excellent one and look at the cost of the Wiimote: still expensive but not nearly as much. There is prob
  10. Just my recommendation for creating quick materials with Blender for the Leadwerks engine. Making th materials quickly is easy in Blender. Using them in Leadwerks is also very easy. The bottleneck lies in the exporter and here I reason why in the video. I also encourage anyone to try my technique for crating materials - good looking materials - quickly instead of using images online. With blender, you can create fast seamless textures. http://youtu.be/C_gc4mqpUWk
  11. Needs the option to export Fake User materials for fast production of materials.
  12. What was the appeal for Newton Physics over Bullet?
  13. You are right. I don't know C++ but I like C. I still get a certain satisfaction with assembly that I just don't get from the others though. Something about logic circuits doing their thing, moving bits around. I just like it. I Still program the commodore although I use Sublime Text with Kickassembler now, but I have also starting ARM assembly on the Raspberry pi now too. I just like it. In fact, it is probably why I like C more than the others: because it still gives me some of that access to memory and bytes.
  14. I tried it - sorta - I went to install it but it downloaded like 40 gigs of **** and counting and filled my 128gig solid state drive. I had to stop it before it filled my solid state; although, I have a Terra on disc. I don't know. I may give it another go. I just hate Microsoft so much - lol. I hate using it at all but school says I need Max and PS so I have it and never bothered with another partition or anything like that. I just want to get OpenGL working is all and I got SDL working in MinGW so so far so good. I'm hoping to get my hands on Leadwerks source someday - fingers crossed - so I
  15. A cool video showcasing a new way to do motion capture for film and games called Perception Neuron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-N_e_TpAK8
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