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  1. When I imported some textures as .tex and .bmp files they will not make materials. It imports the images fine; but when I make a material and attach the diffuse and such it only leaves white coloring?
  2. I am also using the beta release if that matters.
  3. Yeah that was one of the tweaks I went for
  4. Yes, I guess I worded that wrong. When I have an item with a pick-up code attached to it, so it will attach to my character and be usable, it produces a duplicate of the item close to the pick-up that is visible. When I use the pick-up it removes the duplicate but when I already have a item equipped, it removes the original item but not its duplicate. I thought it should be mentioned that is is going on with the default pick-up code. I am currently trying to tweak it so the duplicate goes under the map to be hidden from player but in the scene still. It also should be mentioned that in the edi
  5. Maybe its something on my end, its in the fpsplayer script (the looking) yes? Maybe something didnt work right and I can fix it.
  6. Thank beo6 that's helpful. I am going to be adding in a bunch of seeds, so this will help a lot . I was told not to mess with the app.lua though, so would it be fine just to tweek this code a bit? I am going to be adding in a load screen image as well so it doesn't look frozen
  7. I didnt expect for it to have the pick up mesh and the mesh of the weapon from player view at the same time. The issue with it is the pick up mesh has no arms, and the mesh that equips as a weapon doese. When I have the mesh of the pick-up with the code to pick it up, the equipped mesh (mesh you see from first person when weapon is equiped) will apear on the map close to the pick up. I would have no issue of it would apear beneeth the map (to help rendering time) but not above ground.
  8. I thought you should know that the last update rendered the default fpsplayer code unable to look up or down. I have my own fps code I use, but thought I should tell you. Thank you.
  9. so I would change the map selection back to the default? then call the table later? or would I set it as you have above and put the name of the map directly in the quotes? I have a similar code (what I took the random from) for random spawns. I adjusted it with the trigger touch to make this.
  10. Hey so I have been messing around with the map changer that came with leadwerks (copied it and renamed it so I have the original still) to choose between random seed maps (initial starting areas the rest is generated) but when it tried to change maps it crashes or gives me a lua stack overflow issue. Is there something wrong with my code? Here it is. --[[ This script will act as a trigger to change the current map. Place this at the end of your map to make the player progress to the next level. ]]-- Script.mapname={} Script.mapname[0] = "" --string "Map Name" Script.mapname[1] = "" --string
  11. Well that is good dark, with the default code it would add in sounds and adjust offset and rotation (based on what is in the code) but then again its possible that the fpsplayer script could have issues with weapons and changes their offset and rotation. It may also be because of the change in monster script that we are having issues with the damage. I did notice when I tried the default weapon script (melee) that it would produce code errors when you die looking for muzzle to hide.
  12. what about putting int the set animation from my code to it? As well as the idle? Does it actually attack? Let me know bro!!!
  13. I believe this is a bug. When I put a pick-up code on an item (weapons collectables ect) and choose the mesh for it to represent, the (in case of the weapons) mesh chosen will show close to the pick-up mesh. Also if you have a weapon equipped then the mesh doesn't disappear when you pick up the pick-up. here is a pic of what appears with the pick-ups ( a few steps away)
  14. I agree, but Josh is hard at work making sure the engine works properly so we will just have to mess around with the code till we get it working and give it out
  15. I set the same offset my code has, and its still not there. It may also be rotated wrong, but when I try to change them it still isnt visible. The biggest issue is that it doesn't do damage to anything (I know because I set a creature to have a total of 2 hp and the weapon to do 50 ran around it facing every direction I could to try to hit it and nothing.
  16. I made this script before that, as well as event the built in melee script doesn't work (it doesn't show my weapon or do damage just makes sounds). This script(though no sounds) had the weapon showing and did damage to them. I would gladly use the bilt in one if it was able to hurt things and show my weapon in the proper way.
  17. I removed them because of the crashes. I even tried going from one level to the other in game, but it still crashes :/ I just tried publishing and running it from installed and it still crashes. I had similar issues in other engines. Whats weird is this map has less in it than my other maps that work fine. Maybe something with like things spawning?
  18. One of my levels crashes without warning when I try to test it. It was working fine not even 2 weeks ago. I have added nothing new to the level, and have since actually removed things from it thinking maybe it was over loaded. I'm not sure if its the editor, the game, or my machine (though I don't think it would be the machine if it ran fine before). I have a link here to the files for the map to see what is going wrong with it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/k61ercnrbmagitq/MyGame.zip
  19. Hey guys we have made a good melee weapon code, with help of some people on the forums and some goofing around on our part. It was working fine up until about 2 weeks ago, then it had an error on line 28 in the code saying "attempting to compare nil value". If you guys could help tell me what I am doing wrong that would be amazing. This is part of a melee/rpg pack I am working on for you guys to be able to use (featured in my game). Here is the code, feel free to use it but do tell me how to fix it @.@ import "Scripts/AnimationManager.lua" Script.offset = Vec3(.5,-.5,.3) --vec3 "Offset" --u
  20. So I have a weapon pick up code (from Piller's youtube video). Now I like it, think it works alright; but I want to know if there is a way to edit it for "if used" but have no clue how that would work. I am not the strongest programmer. Also would it remove the currently equipped weapon? Like "if weapon == true, drop weapon.pickup"(weapon.pick up to drop the currently carried weapon and spawn a pick up identified in the weapons code infront of the player). It may be to much to ask just seeing if it is possible. I have other programming questions but will just try this for now (as it is very im
  21. Fixed it, apparently some of the faces where having issues, and I had to triangulate them instead of them being squares.
  22. Im using maya autodesk 2010. The thing with the export function is that it just exports as is. But why would it work with the creatures but not the weapons and other models?
  23. Here is a picture of the model textured in leadwerks so you can see what I am talking about http://postimg.org/image/7t46o8twr/
  24. Hello guys. The bug we are experiencing here is when our packaged game for testing is installed on any Windows 8 computer (haven't tried 8.1 yet) it crashes on launch with "missing Openal32.dll" error. The steps we took to make the game was simple (not sure if I need to include our game installer). Update our project (on Windows 7 computer) and publish. Email the installer file to the tester through onedrive, download and install (Windows 8). We also installed the game on our own computers and sent them the installed files as a zip file. When launching from the zip file or extracted files
  25. In leadwerks all of them, it just turns the whole model brown. The uv's in the modeling program are all fine, i even put it in unity amd udk and aplied the textures and it looked fine. The only doffrence is me using fbx in leadwerks for the model. I also have an issu now with something else but ill message you about it.
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