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  1. Okay, so I put in my Nvidia 680 and tried it out. Sure enough, with that card the problem goes away. Odd though. I used the 4600 (on board) for quite a while. Went through all the tutorials with it, but things just stopped working at some point. Probably was a device driver update. I've been on the fence about getting a "real" video card for this PC, maybe now I will.
  2. Intel 4600. I have a Nvidia card I can swap out and try. Is it worth checking?
  3. Okay, sounds like we're in the same boat. I've attempted to delete and reinstall without any luck. For me, it loads the last map that I was able to open before I started getting the error when I launch. I've tried renaming a different map to the map name that loads on startup and that seems to work. The renamed different map will then load. However, from there I still can't load anything else. Most frustrating. I'm running Win 7 64 bit.
  4. Seems similar to an issue I'm having. Can you load any maps at all? Can you start a new map without getting the exception?
  5. Yeah.. I forgot to include commenting out the blood emitter code. It's right above the section you commented out. I'll edit my previous post.
  6. I've worked around by commenting out this section of code in FPSWeapon.lua [edited to include commenting out the blood emitter.]: --[[ --Blood emitter e = self.emitter[2]:Instance() e = tolua.cast(e,"Emitter") e:Show() e:SetLoopMode(false,true) e:SetPosition(pickinfo.position+pickinfo.normal*0.1) e:SetVelocity(0,0,0) --]] else --[[ --Add a temporary particle emitter for bullet effects local e e = self.emitter[0]:Instance() e = tolua.cast(e,"Emitter") e:Show() e:SetLoopMode(false,true) e:SetPosition(pickinfo.position) local v=3 e:SetVelocity(pickinfo.normal.x*v,pickinfo.normal.y*v,pick
  7. Hello! Starting some time last week, my primary development machine shows an "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" error anytime I open a different map file or start a new map. My laptop runs program fine, but this machine, after working fine for about a week, has suddenly started exhibiting this behavior. I've uninstalled the program and removed all traces I can find (deleted under the steamapps folder, AppData\Local\Leadwerks, Documents\Leadwerks), but after re-installing the problem is still present. The initial map loads fine when the program starts, but after that I'm toast if I try to c
  8. I've commented out the sound effects from the FPSweapon.lua script, and the crash persists. It does not appear that the crash is sound related. I'll debug further and see if I can determine the cause. I'm also getting an "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" error as of this afternoon whenever I try to open a different map, which makes using the tool nearly impossible now. However, I'll deal with that separately and start a separate thread if necessary. I only mention it in case anyone thinks it's relevant to this issue. Update: It seems to be the emitters. If I remove the code for the blo
  9. Yes, I am running the Steam version. I run in to the problem regardless of how I run the map. The debug mode is the only way I get any sort of feedback on the crash. It's possible that the crash is when the sound completes, it's hard to say. However, if I do not fire the weapon and continue through the map, the game does not lock up at any point - including when the sound is played for the AI characters, the lift, switch, or any other sounds. As I've now only logged a few hours in the tool I'm not familiar with it enough to have figured out how to edit the weapon object to remove references
  10. Hello! Anytime I try tutorial 07 and fire the weapon, the game crashes. I've tried this on two PCs and they both exhibit the same behavior (one with integrated graphics, one with a new Nvidia card - details can be provided if required). I've also tried creating a new map and using the same player script and autopistol.pfb with the same results. Steps to recreate the bug: 1. Install Fresh copy of Leadwerks editor from Steam 2. Open 07-AI and Events.map 3. Run map 4. Fire 5. Wait about two seconds When ran in "Debug" mode, the C++ Runtime Library opens a crash window:
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