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  1. Visual studio 2019 rocks. Unbelievably fast; I got a significant (consistently between 12 and 16) FPS boost in one of my game engine projects simply by recompiling! I guess new C++ optimizations in the compiler really lived up to the hype. Has anyone else found this to be the case?

    Hope to see Turbo using it. ( I'm glad to see it's using Vulkan. :) )

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    2. tipforeveryone


      I have a question, that means I can use VS2019 to compile VS2017 cpp game ? Do I need to adjust any configuration for doing this ? :)

    3. aiaf


      @tipforeveryone yes works no problem, you can build you game with the 2017 built leadwerks lib, you have to load the project in 2019 and let it be upgraded.And yes turbo is great and will be able to keep up better with windows/linux compiler toolchain releases.

    4. reepblue


      So I'm taking that Leadwrrks can be built up using the v142 toolsets, correct?

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