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  1. the very fact that i named steamos as target is steam-runtime which will be very easy to replicate in future sandboxed applications. if it runs trough steam on steamos. even now, without sandoboxing any distro could simply modify run.sh from steam and have perfect compatibility. goal achieved in 2 min what you're mistaking here is the fact you're proclaiming i'm proposing default workstation target, which i am not. i'm proposing test target for bug reporting. if it works on setup like this there won't be "ubuntu x.y morning version supported only", but rather "linux supported". sometimes i
  2. maybe because it features standard libraries from debian wheezy. smaller the target, better the adaptation. if you target ubuntu which deviates from others in every aspect... it's hard to adapt. ubuntu is to other linux world kind of like android is. you can make android out of linux distro, but no matter how hard you try, you can't make linux distro out of android also: if it runs on steamos and not on ubuntu, there is 100% chance ubuntu is the culprit update: "heck of a lot more flexible in regards to running on anything that shares Ubuntu's base and repos" you could replace this
  3. just my 2 cents. it would probably be much better if SteamOS was the target. simpler target, longer life span, less deviation from other Linux ecosystem, much better in following standards. it would also make it MUCH simpler target to adapt with other distros
  4. you can solve this problem by changing steam command for leadwerks and use GTK2_RC_FILES=/path/to/your/theme/gtkrc application-command or simply GTK2_RC_FILES=/path/to/your/theme/gtkrc %command% this way you can at least use preferred theme in the rest of the system. still, demanding to test against everything is a bit large request. i can't even imagine this magnitude. it's more than reasonable for developer to pick his supported flavor and then let users find workarounds. then, if problem is caused by distro, it is fixed by community, if it is caused by software, it is fixed
  5. that works on yum based distros like fedora, centos, rhel... and it is easy to automate if you use script like this. script to automate deps installing on yum is something like this also, you might want to avoid whatprovides and use resolvedep instead. whatprovides will enumerate all package versions, resolvedep will only name the relevant one #!/bin/sh if [ ! -f "$1" ]; then echo "Usage: installdeps.sh EXECUTABLE_NAME [--install]" exit fi INSTALL=0 [ "$2" = "--install" ] && INSTALL=1 get_rpmname() { declare -i NUM let NUM=$#-1 eval PARM=\$$NUM echo ${PAR
  6. happened same to me, then i realized i forgot to enable beta branch. another download around 14mb and it worked. fedora 19 x86_64. starts normal here, about 10sec. i7, nvidia 750 430.24, 16GB. only thing is that splash screen is white
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