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  1. Hi, I'm new to Leadwerks, and not currently at my workstation, but you could probably discover what order the scripts get run in my putting a debug or console statement into each of them, or my running them in debug mode with breakpoints in each script and seeing what order you hit the breakpoints in. It's possible you'll find the order is nondeterministic, but if I had to guess I'd expect the order to be the same as in the entity list.
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    YES YES! That's done it. Thank you so much.
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    Eh, I'm afraid I haven't made my point clear. Moonscript is a lua-targeted programming language, that comes with a DLL which contains a Lua module that allows you to dynamically compile and load Moonscript classes. So, what I'm trying to do isn't really load win32 binaries naively, I'm trying to do something that can already be done in Lua without any additional fanciness, since the "require" function can in fact load modules that are contained within binaries in this fashion. It seems this is just a function that is omitted from LE's Lua implementation.
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    I see... import seems to work essentially by dumping the included script in place into the file that is using it. In Lua, it is possible, for example, to require a binary module, i.e. one distributed as a DLL. I was hoping to dynamically load http://moonscript.org/ modules, but the main moonscript module is distributed as a DLL that has to be required. Is there no way to use a binary Lua module within LE? Thanks.
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    I'm just starting out with scripting in Leadwerks, having had a fair bit of experience with Love2d, and I'm having trouble with some standard Lua functions that I think should be working. In particular, I'm having trouble loading modules using the require function. I see people using the require function in examples, but when I try it I get "attempt to call global 'require' (a nil value)". It's as though the Lua standard libraries aren't loaded. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you, ye more-experienced-than-me, for any help.
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