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  1. Yeah, but the engine should be great for us hobbyists I hope. Maybe one day I'll develop a game and try and have a serious endeavor. Thanks for your comment @gamecreator.
  2. Awesome Josh. That's what brought me back to the engine here. Is the 4.6 version. From what I've seen, multiplayer and vehicles? That's fantastic. Thanks AggrorJorn for your post too.
  3. Sharlenwar

    My Return

    "My Return" would imply that I've been away for some time. To be honest here, I've been using the Leadwerks editor since before it was an official "game engine". Before you would use it to create your items to then import into another game engine. I've been always interested in creating games, since the late 90's. I remember using a few other older editors whose names I've long forgotten with the sands of time. I have always wanted to create an RPG, as that's my favorite genre of games. So the name of this blog implies that the Demurian empire has long survived and thus, a sort of resurgence of this project might happen. I figure, a blog is a great way to stay motivated and to in a way, focus you on developing a game. Many of us "hobbyists" suffer a disease of not finishing our projects that we started with. You see this in every forum out there, for any of these game engines. There is always a small group of dedicated users of the engine, but the majority of the time you see shells of what once was. Ideas that lay dormant for someone in the future to come across. I just want to thank the developer of this engine, he has done an amazing job and with my return, I imagine that this engine should still continue into the future. The website looks wonderful, and I like the way that everything integrates with Steam. So as I sit here typing, my mind is moving fast with ideas and I figure it's time to go back to the engine and start working on something. Something to brush the dust off, to maybe utilize the assets I've purchased as DLC on Steam. Well, I hope you'll join me on this journey, and let's see what happens in 2019 here.
  4. Hey folks, it's been a while since I've checked up on Leadwerks here. Everything is looking good and so probably I'm going to have to dive in again. Anyways, how active is the community here? Are there any old timers from the beginning?
  5. This is pretty amazing! Very helpful for those looking to replicate this sort of style. A wealth of information here when you build a new project! Thanks for the hard work put into this! This is definitely going to help me a ton!
  6. Well awesome. I'm going through the tutorials that are available, and I have to say. They have definitely made me familiar with the interface. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do anything, and the complete opposite. I'm starting to understand how powerful this all is. Surprising!
  7. How is everyone doing! Been ages since I've been around here. Was looking at this engine a while back, now I saw that it was up on Steam on sale, so I've decided to take the plunge and give this game engine a good shot. I've seen the video on Steam there where it goes through briefly other games people have made, and I have to say, amazing! So how's the community out here? Anyways, expect to see me out around the forums asking for help and what not. I'm going through the tutorials and no doubt I'll be back. Have a great day everyone!
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