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  1. Tommek

    Simple LOD

    Tested it again on the machine from yesterday. The same project, now it works... "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
  2. Tommek

    Simple LOD

    Really weird. I've created a new Test Project. I just copied the script 1:1 and it is working?!
  3. Tommek


    Ah, your answer was to the OP, not the poster right before you. I think that was the misunderstanding here.
  4. Tommek

    Simple LOD

    I am using the Player PreFab. Will try the suggestions when back at home.
  5. Tommek

    Simple LOD

    "Box 2" is now the only asset using the script. I don't get it.
  6. Tommek

    Simple LOD

    Yes I did. I checked several times. And even tried with only one of my LOD entities.
  7. Thanks for the Input! I've got some ideas for the indexer.
  8. You choose "Objects" -> "Misc." -> "Pivot" than click into a 2d window and hit enter. maybe you are to close to another entity and it selects it instead of placing the pivot?
  9. Tommek

    Simple LOD

    local Distance = self.entity:GetDistance(self.Player) if (Distance < self.ViewDistanceMax and Distance > self.ViewDistanceMin) then Same error. Do I have to call self.Player in a different way inside the if-statement?
  10. Tommek

    Simple LOD

    Script.Player = "" --entity "Player Entity" Script.ViewDistanceMin = 10 --float "View Distance Min" Script.ViewDistanceMax = 100 --float "View Distance Max" Script.DistancePollTime = 3 --int "Secs Poll Distance" Script.PollTimer = 0 function Script:Start() self.entity:Hide() end function Script:UpdateWorld() self.PollTimer = self.PollTimer + (Time:GetSpeed()/100) if (self.PollTimer > self.DistancePollTime) then self.Distance = self.entity:GetDistance(self.Player) if (self.Distance < self.ViewDistanceMax and self.Distance > self.ViewDistanceMin) then self.entity:Show() else sel
  11. Yeah ok, but I don't see any hint in the docu on this. What am I searching?
  12. Tommek

    Simple LOD

    Nice Ideas! EDIT: But as I said, after the start its working nice. I think it takes so lang to initialize the scripts mutiple times. is this correct?
  13. Hi, as sometimes levels take a while to generate I would like to show some progressbar or a moving icon to the player. Currently the game window just freezes. Any ideas? regards, Tommek
  14. Hi, How can I let the player change the ingame video settings? Or videosettings in general? regards, Tommek
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