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  1. Hello, this topic is so interesting! In the meantime, can you give me a link how to read how I can do a GUI system with the current tools? Menu, HUD, etc... Thank you!!
  2. Wow! I'm very happy! I came back from holidays just now, and I found this great news! I think this will be a good promising year for us ;-)
  3. I wish plugins system. As other people said, Unity IDE is so much appreciated since it has a great plugin system. This will even create a new market, since some people create custom plugins, and everyone gains something: 1) LE users gain more functionalities\ 2)plugin developers gain some money :-) Furthermore, Josh, since you already created an asset store (great job!), I think we could add also an area for plugins (Unity3D and its "Unite" area docet).
  4. Thank you for update. But since I'm spending my holidays :-) please can I read somewhere which enhancements are inside the new version? (I cannot download it since could be too expensive for my smartphone contract :-) Thank you!
  5. Currently, you are the only developer? Did you make something in C/C++ or you work in Blitzmax only (or mainly)?
  6. Hello, I wanted to make my game using LUA, but if I need more power or I need to recall external dll, etc... I wanted to make some Blitzmax functions. Is there any way to make, for example, a custom blitzmax functions (not built-in the engine, but made by me), then recall it from a LUA script? Thank you for your help!
  7. Fully agree with you. The problem is several people are not companies (they can pay 100$ or 500$ or 1000$... ). Single developers (or small team) cannot spend too much (3d engine, 3d modeler, buy some textures or other models, etc...). So I wish to spend 500$ but I can't. I used UNity free edition, but features are really limited (no shadows!!! in free ed). What I want to say is: please don't forget that even small team can achieve great results. So please help them with an affordable license. For example (I found other engines with this concept): I pay 200$ but I can publish only
  8. I missed this discussion (red it only now). It is interesting. I think the key will be the price. There are now, in the market, two prices for engines: 1) "low cost" (even if engine is good). 100->250 euro. Good engines, but missing (or primitive) of some key tools (material editor, world editor, etc...). Or not cross platform. 2) Unity engine, in my opinion (I used Unity for some time, and even completed a game: http://www.massivecreek.com/home) , but the engine self is missing of many features (no LOD, real-time shadows are not so... good, missing HUGE terrain support, etc...) But U
  9. Great! It worked! I didn't create LUA files! Thank you! (thumb up for you :-)
  10. Hello, I made a big rock model, and using phygen.exe I generated a hull-physics model *.phy. The problem is th editor tell me my rock has physics (activating debug for physics the model seems correct), but I have no collision with OILDRUM (built-in model in LE) and no collision with FPS playern (using "fpscontroller.lua"). I even tried to load the moel using LoadModel from LUA, but I have no collision, no interaction. WEhat's wrong? Please help me! Thank you! EDIT: It seems th model loaded in the editor does not contain any property (properties window is empty).
  11. Hello, I'm working again with LE after some time. Please consider I'm a programmer, so I'm so very expert in 3D modeling! I'm making some tests, so I made a simple cube in AC3D. Now I applied a texture (in AC3D) and exported as *.obj. I used DDS texture (so no conversion is needed). My problem is how to apply a second texture for normal mapping. I know I can use Map Editor, bu the problem is, in that case, I cannot set tiling. In fact, in my final test, my cue is mapped using a repeated texture (tile). I made the tiling usng AC3D, but I cannot understand how to do the same for the se
  12. a lot of people don't know what they say! Many languages offer similar features but, generally speaking, programming languages have different targets, and oriented to solve a specific domain of problems. Ok, some people "love" some languages and "hate" other ones, but no one can say that application domain for "C" (or C++) is the same of python, ADA, Lisp/Scheme, assembler, PHP, etc... (I did not mention C# and Java just to avoid a flame )
  13. Thank you, this is a good news. Have you any plans/roadmap about it? LE 3.0? 3.5? or.... ?
  14. Helllo Josh, I see ok, but I was talking about another topic... see here: http://leadwerks.com/werkspace/index.php?/topic/2828-add-more-vehicle-functions/page__pid__26750#entry26750
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