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  1. Create a new multiplayer project and the following files show up as Error: Failed to load after connecting to a new server on the debug log. 4.6 Leadwerks beta. Windows 10. …/Materials/HUD/crosshair.tex …/Materials/HUD/use.tex …/Materials/HUD/blood1.tex …/Materials/HUD/blood2.tex …/Materials/HUD/blood3.tex …/Materials/HUD/blood4.tex …/Sound/Player/flashlight_02_on.wav …/Sound/Impact/body_punch_03.wav …/Sound/Impact/body_punch_04.wav …/Sound/Player/pickupammo.wav …/Sound/Footsteps/Concrete/step1.wav …/Sound/Footsteps/Concrete/step2.wav …/Sound/Footsteps/Concrete/step3.wav …/Sound/Footsteps/Concrete/step4.wav …/Sound/Footsteps/Concrete/jump.wav These files do not exist in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Leadwerks Game Engine\Templates\ Common or Multiplayer Game folders. But they can all be found in the First-Person Shooter folders.
  2. I saw the Google Stadia announcement, cloud gaming, and its running on Linux, with Vulcan graphics, Havok. They seem to be talking about 2019 launch. Do you think this will be a game changer, will it make Linux more popular, and require more devs to be familiar with using a Linux platform?
  3. Over a period of time, these forums will collect lots of data. That data may remain relevant and be useful, or irrelevant and obscure relevant data. If nothing is done the irrelevant data will be more prevalent than the relevant. Thus making forums less useful to users. A knowledge management solution can help, but it needs some sort of data maintenance where user feedback keeps useful items, and relegates unhelpful items. Have you considered a knowledge management solution?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had combined animation sequences, with selecting bones to become controlled by ragdoll physics, as the character sustains injuries to arms, legs body and head. The existing character controller, simply reduces total health, and the dyeing sequence is selected when it drops below 0. However none of the injuries are fedback to the viewer, which would make fighting zombies more interesting.
  5. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/11065-monsterailua-function-scriptendattack-bug-fix/ This problem occurs when more than one monster is attacking you. Not sure if it was ever fixed.
  6. if you want to create a function that will not be sharing variables with other functions with the same name, are you thinking of having a using namespace convention?
  7. hi Josh, I can't find any reference to Actor in the API documentation, is this intentional?
  8. use a small radius point light source just in front of the light, so that it illuminates the headlight.
  9. sorry I assumed that each task was on a thread, running independently. I was suggesting that if you had more active threads than cpus, you would experience contention for those cpus. You would see this in the performance stats, as context switches, which will cause the current context to be saved, and another loaded. If this happens a lot you are loosing useful cpu processing power.
  10. as each thread is doing a smaller subset of the work, you are probably getting more cache hits, are you also using thread affinity on your busiest threads to stop them context switching.
  11. Have you tried turning off lua sandbox mode? Then are you getting the same results?
  12. I imagine that having an assignable icon to a pivot and let it be displayed in the leadwerks editor, and have the option to hide it in the runtime, or debug would be a nice feature, making spawn points, ammo supply, points that effect gameplay. The old FarCry map editor used icons to mark various items added to maps and it did make it easier to tweak the gameplay visually.
  13. system:SetProperty is not in the api documentation, I don't know if this is by design, or an omission. If you called your function more than once, my only remaining suggestion, is to compare the quality parameter with system:GetProperty("lightquality") and if they are not equal execute the content of your function.
  14. From your replies so far, changing the world:SetLightQuality does not turn off the lights in the fps sample, but you can't see any difference to the quality. My next question is where are you calling SetLightQuality in your code, its not in each pass of the main loop is it? If it is hold your last set quality value in your own variable, and if it changes then call world:SetLightQuality, with the new value, just the once. I'm thinking is it possible that the update and render calls rely on a state of some internal workings after setting the light quality, if this is true, ie world update is affected by a render state change the lights won't display until the next pass of the main loop.
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