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  1. Great. Thanks the 2 greatest adventage of leadwerks is the price and the community Lionel
  2. Game Making is life

  3. Hello all, I started the developpement of my game and I thinking about my torches. I've a particles emitter for my fire and a point light on it... great but a bit dead for a fire light. Can someone tell me how to do realistic living fire lightning effect ? Should I code a script to randomly change the brightness of the light ? or is there a more performance-friend solution ? Thanks a lot Lionel
  4. the animations were wrong in Leadwerks. So I begin all from the start and do every point with the infos that all of you gave me. And like a miracle all works fine now but not in FBX with the blender exporter. Lionel
  5. IT WORKS I understand now the export operation omg that wasn't so easy. Thanks for all your help. I'm happy to join this comunity See you soon Thanks again ! Lionel
  6. Hum, Genebris I tried with the crawler material and it moves !!!! BUT the animation is wrong so the bones are probably not in the good direction. or the animation is messed up for other reason. That's so wierd, I have a new model for my ghost I send it.(edit after try : file is too big even compressed) I have a question, could someone send me a little mesh with armature and animation that export perfectly in leadwerks ? thanks a lot Lionel
  7. News from the Blender exporter. So now my model appear correctly in the model editor. But I can't see the bones and the shadows move on animation play but not the mesh. What could be wrong in that case ? Hope that's a good starting point. Thanks for your help Lionel
  8. I already tried and it's still the same. I'll try again to be sure. I already use default blender skeleton no ? if no tell me more about that please Thanks Lionel
  9. Hi again sorry for double-post but I really want to get into my game developpement and I still have issues with Blender bones. Nobody had issue with it like me ? What am I doing wrong ? Thanks in advance for your help Lionel
  10. Hum, I tried your solution Guppy. the bones still messed up. I do what you said, so I select my bones in object mode and hit ctrl+a and select scale. I exported again the model but nothing change. I tried with the object selected in the case where I understood wrong but same problem again. Thanks Lionel
  11. Here is my .blend file and the .fbx file. If you need something else just let me know Lionel Ghost.zip
  12. Hello everybody, I'm new here and I bought LeadWerks today. I've made a pretty simple 3D character with a 400 frames animation track containing the idle and the run animation. So I read all the topic and tutorials on how to get blender models to LeadWerks. But my model armature still messed up on LeadWerks. When I export a .fbx file my animation track are here but my armature is not correctly rig to my character like in blender. If I export with the addon for Blender my animation track isn't available in LeadWerks and my armature is messed up the same way as the .fbx file. Please help me Thanks in advance. Lionel
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