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  1. That is to bad. I have 4 computers with windows 7 just for all of my old game making programs. I know soon windows will stop working on the newer computers. I am old and hope I die be for that happens.
  2. I don't know if this will work, you could try virtualbox and install windows 7 on it.
  3. It boils down to they want you to buy new software. I am still using win 7 on my model and game making computers. #D W works fine on win 7. I just wish Jos woulds fix all the bugs in 3D W. Al Update it, look at blender, it is free and we paid good money for 3d w. He shoudls stop thinking about a game engine and make 3D W what it sure be. It is still one of the best terrain builder out their. He would sell more of 3D W than any game engine. Well I said my peace, I will shut up now.
  4. I am looking for a mesh sphere for 3d world studio. A few years back their was one making it rounds on the web. If any on has one that works in 3DWS let me know. renny
  5. Thank you, I am very happy with my updated 3D world studio. renny
  6. Hi Josh Kllit, Well one of my new computer just came in today. Tomorrow I going start putting all of my modeling programs on it. 3d World Stodio is going be one of them. I would like to put the lastest update one on the computer. Do you have to do any thing be for I try installing it? Thank you renny
  7. It did take this time thank you, their a few more things, sent you a PM renny
  8. OK, it is on my work computer, will send it to you tomorrow. I got it from the dark basic pro boys, they to have for got about DBP too.
  9. I have 3D world and I am trying to put it on a computer. My number I have, that I got from you grear guys that sold it to me, does not work. How can I get it working? renny
  10. Thank you, Yes I been using 3DWS for years now, I was hoping that you could anim. things. It woild have save me some time, now I have to put every object in by code. Ha,but that is live. Does any one think there will be any more up dates?? thank you your help renny
  11. Hello, The people that paid our hard worked for money on 3DWS is just out of luck when it come to help. I just love this buy it and then forgtten world of game making. Well what I would like to know is there a way to put a X.model in 3DWS and have the model run its anim. Like a wind mill where the blades turn all the time. Thank you P.S. I there a forum for 3DWS any place?
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