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  1. Scott Richmond

    One Last Thing

    Josh - Thanks for the blog. Quick question related to the topic of physics: Is the physics / animation engine included in LE3 capable of higher than usual floating point precision? I believe most engines run at half floating point (16bit). I'd like to be able to build a streamed world up to around 250km2. Apart from a decent culling technique the key limitation is physics sim once you get further than around 2km out from origin at 16bit floating point. Thanks Josh.
  2. I've been using Unity for the past couple of months...and I don't know if I'll even bother with LE3 by the time it hits. :/ We'll see.
  3. Indeed. Most recently a national retail chain here in Australia called **** Smith completely shut down their video games section. The whole lot - Consoles to PC games.
  4. How is it able to use so many textures with RGBA texturing though? Can it be extended further?
  5. Well yes, that IS what you get when the majority of your distribution (steam, Ouya, etc) and game framework (engine of choice) are done for you. If you want more profit then you need to work harder and DIY these parts of your game or find a company willing to accept a one-time price (Eg Leadwerks).
  6. This business model works perfectly for the mobile eco-system as well as other distribution methods such as steam. For 30% of your profits you get an entire marketplace, hosting for your game, sales system, etc. I think you'll find its very competitive to what is out there right now.
  7. Just wanted to note something I think everyone is missing here: Their business model doesn't revolve around making money off of the hardware. This is why they will be able to get away with a $99 price tag on the console - They don't intend to much if any margin on the purchase. The business model resolves around the 30% they get from game and application sales. This is where Ouya differs from the existing consoles.
  8. Is it? Looks like a pretty complete solution to me. I'd interested to understand whether you intend to build a GUI system from scratch yourself or not, as from my limited experience cross-platform GUI frameworks are actually fairly complex and full of many corner cases. Not sure I would be very happy personally if you decided to postpone such a critical feature because you want to develop it yourself your own way, despite how good it may be in the end.
  9. Just wanted to say that I like that you're open to blogging about incomplete ideas Josh. Its fun to sometimes see such ideas, even if they are a dead end.
  10. haha no problems mate. Would love your advise once you're back from vacation though.
  11. Ah I thought that was the case. What are my options Shadmar? What do the LE terrain shaders do to achieve 16 texture layers? What about using UV channels?
  12. More or less exactly that yes Shadmar. However I'll need more than 3 textures (pure R, B and G).
  13. Scott Richmond

    Amazing Tools

    Very cool stuff! Does this work at all with models with movable joints? I suppose you would do a separate convex decomp for each model child in the heirachy?
  14. Thanks mate. I'll do some research around that when I get home. Would love any examples too though.
  15. I appear to have been able to import a model with vertex coloring - The untextured model itself has the colors I specified. Now I need to work out how to access these colors in a frag shader and apply blends between textures. Any ideas or resources to check out?
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