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  1. How to use the fog shader and GUI? I updated to beta version and i'm not finding them.
  2. In the editor when i test game in a dark made room with lights, these lights are unfocus and i want them to be clear. How to remove this defocus effect?is there a FOV option to toggle?
  3. Is there a script or something that can move an object through a path? imagine i want to move a carnival car 3 curves and one straight line using pivots and having speed selection. Can be done?Help?
  4. when i paste the 2 scripts in the window it gives me a crash error
  5. I use 3d coat to create models and do autotopo. But my models when imported to leadwerks came always black or grey. How do i export to leadwerks with success? Wich texture export options i have to use?wich maps? When i use substance painter its the same thing, how do i make my models textured in leadwerks?wich texture options i export?wich maps?
  6. I want to use 2 sliding door scripts at once and it gives me an error and crash. i created a prefab with one script and then i attached another to the prefab. i want to make a rotating ufo that starts to up and down with other script after a given time. Anyone can give me a hint? I just need to know how to combine the 2 scripts, one for rotating all the time and other to descend or ascend after a given time
  7. thanks both, i will try to work with the references you gave me
  8. how?i'm still very green in lua scripting, i know almost nothing
  9. Well i wanted a "tilt" effect in the fps prefab script to simulate a walking step but i don't know how to even start, can someone help me? An effect like this game i saw on steam http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/256678026/movie480.webm?t=1484646670
  10. Does someone knows any rain shader?
  11. Gengivas

    Beta update available

    Does the rewritten way lights and objects affect each other, include the water and light bug fixed?
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