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  1. I'll attempt to do this again later this week. I only have the indie edition.
  2. Unfortunately I do not have the money ATM for FlowGUI, hence why I am asked for help on a simple click drawn text that takes you to the start of the game.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I hardly even know LUA so I don't know where to begin with this. What I've done so far is drawn the text "Start, Options, Exit" onto the screen. If I could get help on where about to start this and some code to start from it'd be great.
  4. Thanks for your reply, I will experiment with this tomorrow. I would happily buy Aggror's FlowGUI if I had the money.
  5. Hi, I have not been able to find tutorials on making GUI's, UI's and HUD's. I want to create a very simple GUI on the main menu for my game which some text you click on starts the game, goes to the options menu, credits, or exits the game. Also, for when you hover over the text it goes to for instance, the colour red (but not entirely needed, but would be great!). I hope someone can help me out here, it would make my day EDIT: This is what it should look like (just quickly done in paint):
  6. My graphics driver is not up to date due to the latest on not supporting Leadwerks and crashes all the time giving the error 'EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION'. Leadwerks is up to date, I'm always connected to Steam. I don't think going offline would do anything. My graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 4400 using the graphics driver you referred me to on my last post on the "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" issue.
  7. Unfortunately what you have suggested doesn't work
  8. Hi again, when attempting to paint my terrain (having a different texture in layer 2) it doesn't do anything. I have tried changing the min and max slope to see if that would interfere with anything and all the other settings. I have tried finding other posts and I found one but it didn't seem to fix the issue (he explained that it had to do with the slope or something), if I have miss interpreted it you can read it yourself here: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10110-how-to-paint-terrain-in-leadwerks-32/ Thanks for reading (and I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this!).
  9. Okay well I reassigned the respawn point object and it seems to work perfectly now Thanks you two!
  10. Yes I have linked the respawn point. And that is the tutorial I am following lol. I don't see any difference between mine and his code
  11. Hi, As I was creating a death trigger, and trying it out, I get this: If anyone knows why this is occurring would be greatly appreciated! (Also, sorry if this is a newbie question, I've never used lua before).
  12. I do have the game in the beta branch... although I did reinstall the driver you linked and it seems to be working just fine at the moment.
  13. I still get the 'EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION' error when having this driver installed. Although I am able to create new maps now, and it doesn't appear so often, so it is possible to get work done and saving frequently - but it still does appear with the error, which is what we don't want.
  14. Since I've updated Leadwerks to the beta version I am yet to get the error, which is a good sign, but I'll reply back if I do get the error. EDIT: Talked too soon, I get the error again for some reason just by attempting to move a pivot object up... I also think maybe adding an error log in the directory of Leadwerks would be helpful so if someone does get an error we can know of what is creating an error - if there already is one then pardon me.
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