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  1. The ability to make games on iOS,android,
  2. How about a dlc that adds generic fps solider into the game like heavy,sniper,sneaky ninja guy,bosses,super solider,solider And add some to the zombie pack:spitter,crawler,jumper,heavy,cloaked zombie
  3. Make it easier to make multiplayer games
  4. And a tool to put together levels that you created
  5. In fps weapons pack there is not all generic fps weapons so how about updating it or making a new one There will be:flamethrower,bow,sniper rifle,different types of grenades,minigun,mounted turret,mine,different types of sci-fi generic laser guns,revolver,rocket launcher,trip mine,grenade launcher,crossbow,riot shotgun,saved off pump shotgun,Uzi,ak-47,turett builder,heavy machine gun,old rifle,Orion flare gun(sets on fire),double barreled shotgun,Molotov,heavy sniper rifle,scorpion smg, different Melee weapon Reskins, An ability to change hands in the DLC weapons pack to those which were in fastpistol(pistol that comes with leadwerks Armor like gas masks,scuba diving kits,flak jackets,medieval armour,bulletproof vests,night vision googles,helmets,active camo,hats And how about giving us features like:healthbar enable,ammo in fps weapons pack with ammo bar,better inventory enabling, a menu costumization option,different character controllers,crosshairs,thirst bar,hunger bar,temperature bar,respawning command,third person controller,slidescroller controller,use to pick up weapons Also ammo boxes pickup And glass texture And video player And premade walking animation
  6. Either launch a kickstarter or make it yourselves
  7. I really want to make games with leadwerks but I have a Mac and leadwerks doesn't support macs So I request leadwerks either to launch a kickstarter or make it themselves
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