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  1. Toyota Hilux. Add a turret and you have an instant military vehicle used by both sides I wouldn't mind some sort of hostage prefab with the pick up option like Counter-Strike, and some showcase mission for it.
  2. I find this the most fascinating aspect of it; the sheer vastness of the game itself. It amazes me that players can discover and name a planet, and another player may not stumble on it for YEARS!!! Sounds absolutely gigantic, can't wait to play it on PS4.
  3. Yeah, they're not random for me, but they're avoidable if I just delete the file manually from the directory, rather than through LW.
  4. Hey guys, Whenever I uninstall Workshop Items from my project, it causes an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error, then forces LW to close. Also, the same thing happens when I try to delete a project. Anyone know how to fix it or what's wrong?
  5. Nice work! Is the game going to stay in that one town? I think that'd be a good background; that the town is quarantined by the military or something like that and you have to survive in the town with limited supplies while killing zombies and helping(or not) other survivors. You could have airdrops time to time from the military.
  6. Hey guys, Today I tried to subscribe to more items and download some ones I already subscribed to, but every time I clicked Install in the Workshop menu, it gives me an error. Any suggestions?
  7. MaybeMe

    What's Next

    Just a suggestion for the soldier pack, if it becomes a reality: A civilian script, where it will keep away from other AI and the player when an event is triggered.
  8. Wow, that's really great looking! I like the reference to Leadwerks painted on the side. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  9. Like the MSi? I use my brother's MSi laptop for Leadwerks as mine doesn't support OpenGL 4.0. It's just an i7 with a 860M, but for some reason LW doesn't like to run on the GPU, so it uses integrated graphics.
  10. I recommend editing the steam update notes to include the hyperlinks as they don't show up.
  11. Could you make an executable that doesn't have to be opened in Leadwerks? I have a low-end laptop sitting around that I could test it on, if you'd like.
  12. MaybeMe

    Dead Anyway

    Favorited, rated, and shared it Looks fun, can't wait to see a playable demo of sorts. I like how it's presented and the view point of the player, along with how the graphics all flow together.
  13. This seems feasible, although I'm sure there would be an FPS drop from it. It reminds me of Little Big Planet where you can mess with different items and get some sweet outcomes for level design. I honestly think that's where my so-called spark to try making a game came from.
  14. Agreed, renaming would be pretty sweet.
  15. I don't think it matters. I've played almost all of them except Absolution, but the ports aren't great, except Blood Money. Contracts and Silent Assassin are pretty much broken due to the AI. I've also ran into the problem with GTA 4. I have no idea why it's still on Steam if it's unplayable.
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