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  1. First post here in a couple years... Unfortunately, not a good thing. I have an interest in Leadwerks again, but unfortunately, I no longer have access to the Steam account I purchased it with, or the email tied to that account. I've tried contacting Steam support and they have given me no response. So I'm asking you guys for help. Is there anything I can do about this? I've lost a $200 value (I had the Professional Edition DLC), and I really want to use Leadwerks for my next project. Anybody have any suggestions or ways to help? (JOSH READ THIS PART) I still have my original pur
  2. Giving Leadwerks a second chance...

    1. Ameshi


      the way to go, just dont notice the fanboys here.

    2. Imchasinyou
  3. Try reinstalling multiple times. That did it for me.
  4. I'm starting to think I wasted my money. I can't go a single day without some kind of bug, error, crash, etc in Leadwerks and its pissing me off. I'm getting "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" every time I try to place a light or open the assets folder after I've been in editor for more than a minute.

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    2. Roland


      To me it seems that you should be pissed of at you computer or graphics card, not at the engine. It works nicely for most of us.

    3. Josh


      Well if his card is a supported model it should work. I suspect the drivers are at fault but need more information to tell what's going on.

    4. SylenthX


      My computer / card works fine on everything else...

  5. Hello everyone, I am creating a game where the player has to use physics to navigate the level, such as stacking objects to create stairs to get to a point, etc. In said game, the player can accidently drop objects off the level or get them destroyed by other forces. I would like to implement a feature where the player can hit a key and the level and all scripts, lighting, etc. is reloaded. This code must be in C++. How can I do this? Please help. Thanks.
  6. Leadwerks Editor lags a ton after installing the recommended Intel HD drivers... Help?

    1. Josh


      Make sure the Nvidia card is being used. The first couple lines of the program output at the bottom of the window will tell you what GPU is in use.

    2. SylenthX


      It is being used, I reinstalled and the problem is fixed now.

  7. How do I make an object interactable? You know, the little hand and have something done when I press E? (Lua)

    1. Josh


      If there's a script with a Use() function attached to it, the little hand will appear.

    2. SylenthX


      Thanks so much!

  8. I have placed the FPS Player prefab in my scene but when I run the game I'm in freelook mode. How do I fix this?
  9. Don't you mean when I get *rick* from my video game? I'll show myself out...
  10. Just installed and it works! I am literally so happy right now. Thank you so much!
  11. 2012, I thought I had 2013 because they look alike, unlike 2010 and 2012
  12. I'm downloading it as you said that, I've tried everything, I hope this works.
  13. I'm seriously pissed off because I bought the Standard Edition and it doesn't even work, and I haven't gotten any help on the issue.

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