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  1. app game kit switched from CodeBlocks to Geany editor as ide. https://www.geany.org/ (with vs 2015 community i had a lot of trouble.)
  2. @Josh, i not think about money, i think steam did not fit your needings.
  3. i think steam is the wrong place. also i do not like everything depending to steam. the assetstore from unity is very well as role model except lv11.
  4. MarkusR

    2016 Plans

    about content, what i am missing in rapid level design & developing. drop a car and it act as a car after select the wheels/doors/steering wheel. drop a character and its act as a character. character commands like put object in hand. ch.jump, ch.knee, ch.run, ch.walk. drop a house in and just select the windows/doors/lights and it act as a house including collision. means a high level management to save time and fits the daily needings of most games.
  5. hmm? can't see a video link!? edit:ohh seems this a problem from my firefox, edge is ok.
  6. MarkusR

    The Left-Hand Rule

    about Y if u look at the monitor it shows a plane with x,y , same a paper have. the depth with z came later. i think this left-handed system is perfect. but it make sense to name the axis as people want via config.
  7. MarkusR

    Leadwerks Merc

    looks good. also cool for creating player characters is MakeHuman Autodesk Character Generator The Morph Character System
  8. its also in non beta. as experiment, i try fold a already folded mesh. the phy shape is then saved and appear after open in the modell view editor but then the object get invisible in 3d scene^^ screenshot https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B942ivL2fTGcOG4xSFlESTQ0ZFU/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hello, i have a problem with the physic shape i current beta. box shape is saved , polymesh not. see video at youtube the house you can find in workshop content Worn Cottages
  10. MarkusR


    yes, there is a workaround for everything but me are more happy if me just can use things. developing tools in general, the ratio between "work" and "waste time because it not work as expected" is not acceptable.
  11. i used a project as template for next similar project.
  12. MarkusR


    today i had problems with wrong references from prefab to the model file (wrong path) from a workshop content. the model was visible at design time and invisible at runtime!? after start there was some error messages because file not found. means this workshop contents need some verify and/or reject install.
  13. hi, would be fine if there is a multi select list for install. means batch install. each entry in list must select as single and then install, wait download,next...
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