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  1. Have you bought the zombie character pack? Might be something of a script in there. I haven't looked.
  2. Exactly I'm sure it can be shoehorned into the code somewhere.
  3. Hey! Had an idea. I noticed after 'publishing' our game to a folder, it creates basically the finished product? The option to encrypt all files is a very nice feature to prevent people from extracting files, but they can still easily browse through the archive still. I don't see any other options for that stage so I could be wrong but to me it looks like they get to see pretty much everything that makes up the game. Models, textures, maps, sounds, etc. Practically game spoilers just be looking in the directory. So wouldn't it be a nice checkbox to have at the publishing stage for total obfuscation of the game filenames. For example, at the time of compiling just rename 'AddOns' folder to 'a', and then wherever in the code is a reference to the AddOns folder just change it to an 'a', so that path would be good for whenever it is needed. Repeat the same for all other directories and files, so it's just a folder full of random letters with retaining proper file extensions for the filetypes. Since we don't need to decompile the binary again later, it doesn't matter what is in that executable file as long as it works. We can still always work with our normal directories for when we are creating our project, but when we give the game to the customer it is not only read protected but also disguised. The only argument I could see for the way that it is done now is for patching later.
  4. Final Fantasy XIII wants 60GB to install! I hear ya on the rediculous space requirements...
  5. Definitely try out Freez Screen Capture. There's a couple of shareware links out there that are unnecessary but if you go directly to the developer's site you can get it properly: http://www.smallvideosoft.com/download.php Download the 4th link there, screen capture. I love it. video, audio, configurable, and can capture a smaller area if necessary. There are some good apps on Steam to do this as well but if you want a lightweight free program that does it all, look no further than Freez. Well, it doesn't do it all, but it's handy.
  6. Instant favorite game, and a very good hearted developer! He keeps coming out with new content for the users for free -- the way it should be!
  7. ^ you should give these guys a deal on some steam keys who have non-steam versions from years back since the automatic updates and workshop are fantastic. I think everyone should get the steam release.
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