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  1. Hi I added to fpsplayer.lua in UpdateWorld fonction (when a condition is true) : self.component:CallOutputs("RickRoll") So in the FlowGraph Editor i link "RickRoll" to a pivot (who have Noise.lua) on Play() The problem is when the condition is true in game the music don't start and most weirdly when i go the game menu (Escape) the music start and if i go back to the game the music stop. How can i solve this ? Thx
  2. It look pretty good i'll try this ! Thx for the help
  3. Hey all ! I would like add some cheat code in my game Question is how can I catch the cheat code from keyboard ? I suppose it's the same way from the script for the fpsPlayer (W,A,S,D) but I need to catch more than 1 key Any idea ? Thx
  4. I got this : C:\Users\Scott\Desktop\HardcoreArena>HardcoreArena.exe Initializing Lua... Warning: Lua sandboxing disabled. Executing file "C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/HardcoreArena/Scripts/Error.lua" Executing file "C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/HardcoreArena/Scripts/Main.lua" Initializing OpenGL4 graphics driver... OpenGL version 450 GLSL version 450 Device: GeForce GTX 760M/PCIe/SSE2 Loading map "C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/HardcoreArena/arena.map"... Error: Failed to read file "C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/HardcoreArena/arena.map". C:\Users\Scott\Desktop\HardcoreArena>pause But in leadwerks the arena.map work correctly
  5. I change the start.map by arena.map i don't know if it work for someone else ( i just want to have a beta test game )
  6. Hi ! I have a issue while i publish my game ( stand alone ) My .exe start and close immediately What i have to do ? Thanks
  7. ok thank ^^ i hope they put something for create box with our measurement ^^ it will be more easy
  8. Hi With the mouse it's pretty hard to get 19,0 cm exactly Is it possible to create a box (or something else) with exact dimension ? i love accuracy ^^ Zed
  9. Hi ! I just buy the zombies pack and the weapon pack but i can't do dammage the bullet cross them ! I try all the combintion in the "Physics" tab (i put 5hp for zombie and "MonsterAI.lua" for the script) How can i fix that ? Zed
  10. i just found the problem it's really dumb i can't put light on the floor of the moving plateform i was thinking it was possible (i'm stupid) sorry i waste your time MarkusR but thanks to help me
  11. i try to change "plateform" by "SlidingDoor.lua" but it still don't work does the flowgraph is correct like this ?
  12. hi ! i made a plateform to go down and go up like the tutorial. i try with the flowgraph editor to when the player puh the button the plateform go down and when i push a second time the plateform go up. i try this in the flowgraph but i don't work (i put 2 pivot with the "plateformwaypoint.lua" for the file and the second pivot for the target i did se same for the second pivot but i put the first in the target) how can i set this ? thanks
  13. i don't renember i tryed to set it ^^ thanks !
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