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  1. its all working fine now thanx for the help everyone :-)
  2. hi i was making a turret and made a new pivot for my player chest and the line of code you gave me for the draw image for my inventory have came up like this in the picture. i was wondering if my inventory wasn't a parent ?
  3. yes i have a picture drawn haha what do i do now ? its in the top left it already draws it when you start the game i also was putting ")" when you said but it was saying error soio kept starting the game and it finally came on so i there a glitch in the system ?
  4. iput theline of code in but not sureif i have it in the right place this error came up in the first picture in the second picture i removed thatcode and done a in gameplay screen shot
  5. no just the 4 white boxes
  6. in the system:print i have a error where you have ..1..) unexpected symbol as in the picture i sent and then in second picture i removed the symbol and got this reading from the output shown in the picture below
  7. i just added the self.items before the return and still the same lol i also downloaded the script and used that so i know they wouldn't be any typo but for some reason its not drawing my bottle icon ? im finding it hard as im not used to Lua or c++ in the past i used a built in interface GML i think it was called it was set out different to what im used to so finding errors is abit difficult for me lol sorry to be a big pain for you guys lol
  8. hi there thanx for the script but i have tried to sort mine out lol i have restarted it all again when im on the final bit putting the item into my inventory nothing happens. i have looked in the output and it says "we got the inventory Item B we place the bottle in the inventory bottle Loading shader "E:/leadwerks/MyGame/Shaders/Model/default.shader..... process complete."
  9. can someone please help me i made a inventory for my game but when you place items in the inventory the image does not show i have gone over and over cant cant find the error. can anyone do me a working inventory script please :-) would appreciate it.
  10. hi there i have a flow gui system how do you make a start menu for your game and when you click start for it to play your game ? this may be so easy for you guys but im learning on my own so pretty much in the deep end haha thanks for your time reading my post :-)
  11. i have done all that but seems to be the same lol i normally have steam offline when im on leadwerks
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