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    3D and 2D Game Design, Horror games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil L4D and many more, when I come to Lua scripting as I am a beginner, but try to learn from tutorials and learn what things are and do, otherwise I holding on to most music Magix music Maker, film editing for home use, and some effects, and so we must not forget the model art, I use 3D Coat to make some models to Leadwerks in there, and some other stuff.
  1. i hade no problem with this with my Geforce GT 740M, but now its happen all the time, not know if its the new Geforce drivers ore something with Leadwerks, but one thing is clear, it wont start xD
  2. Hi Long time I used Leadwerks, so now I was trying to start it but went on some unexpected, when i was loading up Leadwerks this come and closed the program, I have try to remove Leadwerks folder in MyDocuments and uninstalled it from steam and reinstalled it, and used the betaversion build for last test, but it will not start, the window popups when it will load drawtext.shader thanks for help
  3. josk, thanks and great ides, maby will try to make some nice model for a wheelchair ore something, i will the game looks its in a hospital, but i gonna change the environment to change a bit that its make it sometimes its beautiful and peaceful and then you go in to a small room ore something its change outside so when you go back its all changed and more spooky and creepy here is the last video i uploaded on youtube for some days ago
  4. Oh, thanks, i even got it to work on the first try haha
  5. Thanks Just try now how to get a rotering door to open by it self
  6. Hello everyone, i have made i door model and rigged it and its shows its working in the model editor, and i put it into the scene and add simleAnimation.lua to it input the sequence and run the map but its never animate, that do i do wrong here is a image that shows the animation in model editor, thanks for suggestion. and some know how to use pushbutton.lua and edit it so i can use it like a animated door, have try to paste the simpleAnimation script into pushbutton.lua at function Script:Use() but its not working and game crashes, if i need some script.update.world into it,
  7. DreamEater Alpha 0.1 unfinished level DreamEater its to be a psycological/Horror game. This is an unclear path but I will add more events and triggers to make it more creepy, one can say that this is a test track of what you are able to do;) it's a little beginner with lua scripts and stuff.
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