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  1. @gamecreator a direct message sent to you. This satisfies the request and willing to compensate time invested. I now have a link to demonstrate my point to some people. Thanks!
  2. This post, if not deleted by admins or moderators, will serve to demonstrate a point about community, technical support, and feature requests. Is anybody able to post some code that can demonstrate how to animate a 2D sprite in an equally straight forward manner like creating a window, context, and an entity object that displays on the screen similar to "Hello World" example when first starting out. You can use a texture atlas or separate images; your choice. Additionally, for simplification of requirements, Lua or C++ is acceptable. The primary request is that it should work with the
  3. Branding is a difficult thing to achieve. Companies re-brand themselves many times over the course of company solvency. The only input I can give on this subject is when there is a core shift in the cultural ideas of said company. This isn't to Josh, whom is more business oriented actually running one while I still work for one, this is to anybody reading in general. Successful companies know when they evolve so does its culture and its ideas and that is where re-branding comes in. Regarding pointers and Lua. Lua is so highly underrated for a scripting language. Of all scripting lan
  4. No apology necessary. Trying to be helpful was all. I'll leave you be to more important stuff.
  5. The actual download link is missing in Chrome/MS Edge/IExplorer: When you go to your profile->Store->Purchases->Manage->Enterprise Edition you get the following: Product Information Thank you for your purchase. Your download is below. The password for the installer is --8<--[CUT FOR OBVIOUSNESS]--8<-- The password is present but there is no link for the installer to be found.
  6. I suppose I could be considered a "fanboi" of Leadwerks but regardless I am posting this for the random person that reads a review or a random link about the Leadwerks engine and company. I have spent around roughly $800 USD total on this technology. I can attest that the support I get is an order of magnitude greater than what I have received from other engines/tech that easily cost triple what I have paid...and this does not include updates that I would have expected to pay for that I get as an update with Leadwerks...without having to pay for it. If me appreciating that Leadwerks
  7. That's good to hear - That the Enterprise lags behind for stability. As you are probably aware an "Enterprise/Business" environment lags behind with toolsets. I purchased the 5.0 Beta subscription myself outside of R&D from a work slant; meaning I bought the enterprise and the Steam 5 Beta support just for clarification. Apologies for spam like responses from this thread. Appreciate your patience, truly. I would like to pitch this tech in work circles so the Enterprise makes this possible. I will wait patiently for the passwords needed to unlock the install and my own purchas
  8. I see from filename it is 4.4_b2 which would have been nice to know on the store page but not a deal breaker. Also purchased 5 beta subscription for the Steam version so I can play with bleeding edge. Could anybody familiar tell me where I can find the password required for the Enterprise edition I purchased? It was not included on my receipt email, etc. Not intending to be a pain.
  9. I have this in the cart ready to purchase. Will this be the 4.5 version of Leadwerks or Version 5 that is in Beta? Apologies if this is detailed somewhere but I was not able to determine. Appreciates the patience involved answering my question. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks! Apologies for not looking there first and taking the time to answer despite this being easily answered had I searched more diligently.
  11. Has there been any further business discussion regarding Leadwerks without a Steam dependency? I am fully aware you can run Leadwerks through Steam in off-line mode but that is not the actual question. Even if one has to pay for a version of the engine without updates at an inflated price; is there any chance this is being considered?
  12. TL;DR Listen to Rick. Expanding: Definitely going to want to prototype in Lua for sure. I would do everything in Lua and then use C++ as the crowbar to get around anything special you are attempting to do. I think you'll find you never really need the "crowbar" to do something during the short term of learning the engine, editor and API Lua/C++ itself. If you are some kind of game making genius the reason to listen to Rick is the flexibility. Also when you start using the C++ API of Leadwerks it is not absurd to assert you will code faster having faster iteration cy
  13. @jen @Rick @Josh - Exactly my thoughts from my humble standpoint. I really wished I hadn't missed the hangout now without question. I could NOT agree more with all three viewpoints. Precisely why I have very high hopes for this product. It is so extremely capable and even though I can't gain mind share with my circles currently, I keep coming back to it on my own time...which is way more valuable than what I get paid professionally...and I am not hurting and living a life long dream; getting paid to make games, middle-ware, and platforms. My contribution is going to do what @aggror
  14. I would like to point out specifically that I went out of my way to qualify my entire input that I am not Josh's target demographic. On this note I would like to point out my intent is not to hijack the thread either. What I can do is influence the next generation of tools for the places I work if they make sense. Right now the tech is there but the business model and the product design to support the business model is not anything I can pitch in my circles. So it is just a toy for me at home. I already have five gaming laptops, three gaming rigs, and every console available right now,
  15. I always viewed having LE tied to Steam limited its adoption in things other than hobby/indie/academic targets. I work in the casino industry during the day for the last decade+ and installing Steam is not a thing that is going to happen. Obviously the casino industry is not a target demographic for LE but even Unity has special licensing for casino content created than the Free, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise license due to the money it makes and requires contract negotiations. I mention Unity only because it is what casino game development are using these days in most of the major player game
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