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  1. Hi, I am coding in C++ and want to implement a flying camera with collision like explained in Aggror's tutorial. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials_legacy/_/free-and-spectator-cameras-r12 I want to increase the flying speed but when i increase it to a value which I like, I have the problem that the camera is not always in the middle of the sphere but behind it, so that the sphere becomes visible. (See attached Screenshot) Does someone has an idea about what could cause this behavior? The camera has a momentum (which i try to stop using SetVelocity()). Since this is not mentioned in the tutorial it could be something wrong with that? Any hints? TIA
  2. Nice article. Any chance for a 4th part? Or at least some short comment with a hint about how to merge rooms and connect them with corridors.
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