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  1. @ Shadmar Great work as usual mate.. I am getting interested in learning how to make my own shaders, is there any good tutorials out there?
  2. Wish I could animate, tried several times but it gives me headache lol...
  3. I have just been looking through the steamworks documentation and i am wondering if the matchmaking & game loby stuff is available through leadwerks?
  4. I really really wish you would continue this tutorial set, I know its by far the best learning resource for leadwerks out there..
  5. Getting new Logos done for my companieshttps://uk.fiverr.com/s2/f4286cb992

  6. I have merged my photography business (limited company) into eve lbs studio to offer more services under one house (name). I intend to get a gallery of textures build up for use with my models using the photography department..
  7. Hi, I have reinstalled windows onto a SSD and as a result reinstalled steam and leadwerks, the issue I am having is that its looking for the old projects I had before and giving me a failed to load project "location", I deleted these projects when I reinstalled. can you help please?
  8. I bought this last week, not happy about that at all. Like most content you buy like models only take a quick blast in your fav 3d app, change the textures and hey presto you have something no one else has lol... I have seen this happen in popular games that have been released in the past..
  9. I am just wondering if the project saturn videos are continuing? I have found them very helpful like so many people and was just wondering if there are plans to finish the tutorials?
  10. i wanted to upload a few assets: I zipped them up and did a render in LW opened the screenshot folder and used that JPG as the Preview. Navigated to the zipfile, wrote a description and click publish I get the error = File extension "png" is not allowed even though its a jpg file... hmm any help on this?
  11. Resource Gathering I am thinking about resource gathering in the sense of cutting down trees, hitting rocks for minerals etc. I don't know if this would be the right way of going about this but here is what I am thinking. My Idea This is my idea to try and get it working. Place a tree on a terrain with polymesh physics, link a script that gives the tree a health value and if health <=0 then hide the tree and show a log model. In the log model link a pickup script so that the log is placed into the inventory. When my inventory is full then you go back to the storage buildi
  12. Assets mainly, I have used hexagon 2 and some other programs but wanted to give 3dcoat a go but I suck at it lol...
  13. I have this problem as well..
  14. Wish I could get my head around using 3DCoat, bought it messed around with it then not used it since... lol been looking at zbrush videos and yeah not going to bother, I am not artistic at all.. lol Your assets look great by the way
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