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  1. Im just wondering how C++ works now because when i last used leadwerks i had the option to choose either a C++ or Lua project. I do realize that in the project folder there is still an sln but the code is different then it was then now i have all this Interpreter stuff. Do i need that code if im not using Lua?
  2. As i stated in my last thread i am going to use the nvidia libraries but i am stuck on one issue. 1>PhysX3ExtensionsDEBUG.lib(ExtDefaultSimulationFilterShader.obj) : error LNK2038: mismatch detected for '_MSC_VER': value '1700' doesn't match value '1800' in App.obj i am using all the debug libraries and the toolset is set for v12 i was wondering is leadwerks using some sort of release libs when i create a C++ project?
  3. I have PhyX working and now im working on particles and turbulence
  4. thanks that is what ill do i plan to use all nvidia's vfx etc... i do have a standard license by the way.
  5. Is there any way i can disable the physics engine i want to integrate physX?
  6. When i try to do the code below it gives me an access violation. Also i have tried using the gun sound for the auto pistol and same thing any ideas? Sound* ambient = Sound::Load("Sound/am1.wav"); ambient->Play();
  7. My idea was that you should have a system to make tool sets for the map editor, because the editor doesn't have a vegetation paint tool and it would be nice to add our own custom tools.
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